Jackeline Bracelet

The Jackeline bracelet oozes attitude and is not for the meek or mild!

Pair with the Jackeline Earrings.


  • Large crystal
  • Pewter heart
  • Rose quartz encased in sterling silver
  • Stainless steel rollo chain
  • Stainless steel textured oval chain
  • Stainless steel oval chain
  • Stainless steel lobster clasp
  • Artisan made in Canada
  • Length 7" - 9"

Care Instructions: 

There is the possibility that some cosmetics/skin care products and perfume may discolor the materials used to create a piece of Carolily. It is best to use perfume and hairspray before putting jewelry on. When not wearing, hang on a hook or lay in a jewelry drawer out of direct sunlight.


If this piece of Carolily is not exactly what you desire, allow us to make it perfect for you! We are happy to provide complimentary adjustments including shortening/lengthening a necklace or bracelet, and exchanging earring earwires for ones of your choosing. It is one of the many ways we say thank you for purchasing from Carolily!

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