Carolily Attends Rock House's Tea Party

March 20, 2016 2 min read

 Today we were delighted to attend a lovely tea party in support of a worthy cause. We donned our favorite hats, most fabulous necklaces and spent an afternoon with a room full of wonderful people. What better way to spend a Sunday?!

Cheryll and Sam, the creative minds behind Rock House Style, opened their beautiful home to over 100 guests to host a fundraiser tea party in support of The Responsible Animal Care Society (TRACS). TRACS is dedicated to the kind and compassionate treatment of all living beings. In addition to hands-on rescue work and crisis intervention, TRACS actively promotes public awareness in areas where animals are exploited for profit, abused, or denied natural conditions.

The afternoon began with a silent auction of items ranging from our Wren necklace, to one-of-a-kind pieces of art, to spa packages from our friends at The Ten Spot, and private vineyard tours. We were thrilled to see Dana, owner of Heelio Dealios, take our Wren necklace home! It was heart warming to have a community come together and give so much for an organization that is entirely volunteer run. 

Following Cheryll and Sam's opening speech, Cindy, president of TRACS, joined the two up front to say a few words about the work their organization does and the assistance they still need. Cindy, Cheryll and Sam all teared up as they spoke, and it was clear that the well being of all living creatures was near and dear to their hearts. 

We had a wonderful afternoon and would like to thank Cheryll and Sam for hosting such a beautiful event, and Cindy and her team for all the hard work they do. If you are interesting in volunteering or donating to TRACS, please be sure to visit their website.  

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