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The Carolily Story

Hello, Beautiful, and welcome to Carolily Finery. We are so pleased that you stopped by!

Our Story

Carolily Finery is a high end jewelry brand based out of West Kelowna, British Columbia. We specialize in statement jewelry that encourages self expression and helps you make your statement, whatever that may be. No matter your individual makeup, we all want to be heard and seen. We want to feel represented and loved. We all have a statement to make.

Carolily Finery was created out of love. Donna and Danielle Scheven, the mother daughter team behind the Carolily brand, started the company to honor two very special women- Carol and Lily, Donna's mother and grandmother.

Carol and Lily are the inspiration behind the brand’s name and devotion to timeless, quality product. Like them, all of the women in their family were encouraged to be proud, kind, strong and unapologetically themselves.

Our Finery

At Carolily, we work hard to ethically source materials from Canadian suppliers. We believe in 'quality over quantity' in all things and, as such, only create small batches of jewelry to ensure superior quality. A number of our pieces are limited edition or one-of-a-kind. We are happy to work with companies who need a larger quantity of product and can provide a custom wholesale quote.

“ I love, love, LOVE the necklace…. You did such an amazing job. Above and beyond what I imagined…”
- Vanessa, Toronto, Ontario

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