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Beauty with Miss Kathryn Ramsay

Beauty with Miss Kathryn Ramsay

Let's talk self care! As we get older, ensuring that we are happy and healthy is more important than worrying about fine lines and wrinkles. That must come first. Laughing more, surrounding yourself with positive people, getting a good night's rest, doing things that bring you joy, spending time with loved ones, embracing the present moment...that is self care!

Self care is also in the reduction of things that do not serve us, like stress, unnecessary strain, toxins, like harsh chemicals in our household cleaners, and things we know are just plain deadly to use, like smoking. 

Once we've crafted a life we truly love, we can spend time focusing on all the fabulously fun extras, like skin care and makeup. As you will know, our skin changes as we age, so our skin care and makeup routine must evolve too.

Allow me to share all of my very best beauty tips for aging skin, from makeup application to skin care non-negotiables!

Kathryn Ramsay Esthetics | Kelowna WeddingsPhotography by Sharisay Somsack

Skin Care Tips For Women Over 40

  1. Morning: Begin your day by washing and moisturizing your face. Regardless of time of year, be sure to apply a SPF day cream. You can also use a lightly tinted moisturizer, which is beautiful for aging skin. Be sure to apply all skin care only using your ring fingers, especially around the sensitive skin near your eyes.
  2. Evening: Every evening, wash your face, and apply a night serum & eye cream. While washing, massage your face using upwards motions, fast but gentle. Don't forget your lips. Twice weekly you can use a face gentle exfoliator. 
  3. Try to sleep on your back at night! When you sleep on your stomach, the gravity and pressure on your face can pull at your skin, expediting the aging process.
  4. Buy a silk pillowcase! This not only protects your skin, but it prevents hair breakage. Bonus…. it’s nice and cool on your head for a good night's rest.
  5. Eat a healthy, well balanced diet and drink plenty of water. Did you know that your skin is 16% of your entire body weight? Be sure to nourish your skin and give it plenty to drink.
  6. While in the sun, cover your face and skin to protect it from the harmful rays. Remember to always apply SPF! You can always wear a hat or a long sleeved shirt to keep your skin safe. 
  7. Make sure to exercise daily, whether that's walking, gardening, yoga or aqua therapy. It's important to continually move your body!

    Makeup Tips For Mature Skin

    1. Avoid shimmers or metallics, as they tend to accentuate wrinkles. If you want to add a little sparkle, use a brown shimmer as your eyeliner only.
    2. Stick to neutral eyeshadows and matte colours.
    3. Use a tinted moisturizer with SPF, like Bobbi Brown's "Tinted Moisturizing Balm". Use your fingers or a brush to create a lovely, even skin tone.
    4. Utilize a concealer like Rimmel's "Wake Me Up". Use sparingly; less is always more with concealer. Apply only to dark spots and blend with your ring finger gently.
    5. Try using a cream blush to create a dewy look. Cream blushes blend very well and are easy to use. Apply only on the apples of your cheeks and blend upwards towards your temples.
    6. Apply a Hyaluronic Acid Serum under your makeup for a hydrated face.
    7. Once you have applied your foundation, you can use a beauty blender to pat directly onto skin. This will help fill in any fine lines.
    8. Fill your brows in! Your brows are what shape your face. If you're not sure where to start, have a professional makeup artist show you the guidelines of your face shape and how to correctly shape your brows. You will notice a huge difference!
    9. Sparse brow hair? My secret is to use Castor Oil on your brows at night. Apply to your brows before bed and watch them grow!
    10. Have you used a lip tint before? As you age, you may lose your lip definition. By using a lip stain or tint, your lips will look fuller and more natural.

      Kathryn's Life Tips

      • Dry lips? Mix together a 1:1 ratio of coconut oil with raw sugar to make an all natural lip scrub. Apply this mixture in circular motions to the lips and proceed by removing with a Kleenex.
      • Dry hands? With the constant use of hand sanitizer, we need to remember to apply hand moisturizer after. The alcohol in hand sanitizer removes all moisture from the skin, leaving your hands dry and irritated. Apply cuticle oil every morning and night to nourish the skin.
      • No electronics before bed. This includes your cell phone, computer and iPad!
      • Try a cool, dark room for a good sleep.
      • Take your multivitamins.
      • Find hobbies you love. Take up gardening, sewing, paining or knitting. It's a wonderful way to meet people with similar interests.
      • Embrace simplicity in all things, both emotionally and physically.
      Kathryn Ramsay EstheticsPhotography by Elizabeth Holly (left) and Trevor Walker (right)

        Kathryn Interviews Her Best Friends

        Pauline's tips: (age 60)

        • “I will never go to bed with makeup on.. Even if I've had too much to drink!”

        Each time you sleep with your makeup on, you age a year! After cleansing, use a rose toner; the residue you find even after cleansing is surprising.

        After makeup, use a setting spray for a glowy appearance & refreshed feel. Setting sprays make your makeup last all day.

        • “I swear by a charcoal, clay mask. It leaves your skin feeling tight, freshened and wow, it even removed my black heads. There is no painful removal process like a peel mask and it doesn't drip or slip off your face!”
        • “My favorite mascara is by Chanel! Everyone asks me if I have false lashes on…and I don't!!! It's my mascara but it's not cheap!! It only takes 2 strokes per eye to cover my lashes and it doesn't flake off!“

        My mother's tips: (age 70)

        • "Dry lips? Try the LANSINOH for nipples!"

        She swears by this! Yes, it’s nipple cream, but it works!

        Meet The Expert

        Kathryn Ramsay began her journey in the beauty and spa industry in 2007. She left her Okanagan home at age 19, headed to Vancouver and enrolled in a CIDESCO accredited beauty school. Since then, Kathryn has been focusing her talents as a freelance Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist, with a specialization in weddings and events.

        As a dedicated Beauty and Skincare Therapist, Kathryn has worked with some of the biggest names in the British Columbia Beauty Industry and has developed a wide skill set and creative style, which she applies to highlight natural beauty.

        Kathryn prides herself in keeping true to each individual’s style with her work, focusing on bone structure and luminous skin. Kathryn’s goal is to deliver a look that is flawless in person and gorgeous on camera.

        Every woman’s beauty needs are different and wants are diverse. Kathryn’s goal is to leave you with a memorable experience for whatever life brings next.

        If you would like to book a 1:1 makeup lesson with Kathryn Ramsay, please email her at

        You can also find Kathryn on her website or Instagram @kathryn.ramsay.esthetics.

        Kathryn Ramsay, photo by Kyla KrisaPhotography by Kyla Krisa
        Header photography by Of Earth and Soul

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