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How To Keep Your Jewelry From Tarnishing

How To Keep Your Jewelry From Tarnishing

There is nothing like putting on a brand new necklace, seeing it shimmer and sparkle on your skin, only to put the same necklace on a few months later to find that it does not have the same vibrancy it once did. You thought you had taken care of your necklace, but it became tarnished anyways. Why did this happen and how can you keep your jewelry from tarnishing?

Statement necklace made of pearls and silver

Why Does Jewelry Tarnish?

Eventually, all jewelry will show signs of wear and, for some pieces, this process happens faster than for others. Tarnish happens when your jewelry has come in contact with moisture, acids, oils and the air around you. 

It is a natural process that takes place and, while there are ways to mitigate and remove tarnish, you also have the option of choosing a metal that not not tarnish at all.

Materials such as sterling silver and gold vermeil, while not resistant to tarnishing, will hold up much better than plated metals and are easily cleaned with a polishing cloth.

In comparison, plated metals can wear to a point of no return and can actually lose their plating all together. For some wearers, the pH of their skin is not compatible with plated metals, causing this process to happen at an incredibly rapid pace. The result is often an unwearable piece of jewelry and a sense of disappointment.

Alternatively, you can opt for materials like the hypoallergenic stainless steel, which is resistant to rust and tarnish. It is one of the many reasons we love working with stainless steel and have done so since we launched our business in 2015.

How quickly your jewelry tarnishes is not just dependent on environmental factors, it's also dependent on you! Your skin's composition, the makeup and hair products you use, and the amount you sweat, all contribute to the wear of your jewelry.

 Carolily Finery statement necklace

Tips To Prevent Tarnishing 

While a lot of jewelry is capable of tarnishing, we do have a few tips to help keep the wear to a minimum. Our pieces are handcrafted and meant to last, but you need to do your part by taking care of them!

1. Avoid contact with aerosol sprays & lotions

This includes your hair products, lotions and perfume! Be sure to put on any products before your jewelry to avoid contact. If you happen to forget, wipe down your jewelry with a damp cloth and gently dry it off. 

2. Store your jewelry properly

While our pieces look beautiful out on display, it will speed up the oxidization process. The best way to store your jewelry is laying flat, out of direct sunlight and preferably in an air tight container, like a jewelry box.

3. Rotate your pieces if not made of stainless steel, sterling silver or gold

It's hard to not wear your favorite necklace every day, but if it's not made of stainless steel, sterling silver or solid gold, you shouldn't. If made of a plated metal, your skin's oil will tarnish the necklace quicker if exposed daily. 

4. Invest in quality jewelry

All of our jewelry is crafted out of quality materials, including sterling silver and hypoallergenic stainless steel, designed to be enjoyed for years to come. We have always believed in quality over quantity and think the same rings true for jewelry. Invest in quality pieces that make you feel fabulous, are going to wear well and will last you.

Carolily Finery statement necklace and lapel pin

Jewelry Care Makes All the Difference

While it may seem like a hassle, taking the few extra minutes to care for your jewelry will make all the difference in the world. If you have pieces that have lost their shine, use a treated jewelry cleaning cloth to buff them back to perfection. 

We hope these tips on how to keep your jewelry from tarnishing will be helpful. All it takes is a few minutes to care for your pieces properly. Once you get in the habit, you won't even have to think about it.

If you are looking for hassle free jewelry that looks beautiful and will last a lifetime, explore our stainless steel options by clicking the link below!


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elizabeth skorez

I just received my pearl Liz necklace today, it looks great and beautiful, easy clasp enclosure
practical piece to go casual or dressy, this is my birthday gift, great treat
not a heavy chain,the pearls are good size for my small petite frame
thank you

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