July 12, 2022 3 min read

Sun Damage & Statement Jewelry

I adore statement necklaces and, while I'm a little biased, I especially love our Carolily statement necklaces. Besides the fact that they are stunning works of art, I love how they make me feel and how they look. I love the weight of the piece and how they can express how I am feeling. But, are there other benefits to statement necklaces?

Sun Damage in Your 50s & Beyond

You might have read the title of this blog and thought to yourself, "How strange! What does jewelry have to do with sun damage?!". For me, a lot!

Another reason that I love statement necklaces is that they distract from the sun damage on my chest. Instead of my sun spots taking center stage, it is my fabulous personality, good mood or pretty outfit that shine bright!

What is Sun Damage?

If you were lucky (and smart) enough to not damage your skin in your younger years, allow me to explain what sun damage is.

Sun damage can display as uneven pigmentation, dark spots and slight to medium wrinkling of the skin due to excessive sun exposure. Basically, all the years of sunbathing catching up with you. Many of you may recall, years ago, a dark tan was encouraged, admired, and considered a healthy look (George Hamilton and Farrah Fawcett come to mind).

Summer Lovin'

I must say, one of my fondest childhood memories is tanning related. Growing up on the lake, every summer my sister and I would plan our tanning sessions. We would pack up all the necessities for spending the whole day ‘working’ on our tan. Baby oil, towels, snacks, and magazines were always at the top of the list. Never did we consider sunblock, sunglasses or hats! We would load all our supplies onto the small floating raft and drag it into the bay.

Once we were in the perfect location, one that would have absolutely no shade for the entire day, we would climb aboard, throw down an anchor and get ready for tanning! We would stay out until supper time if we could and do it again the next day. And, as with many sisters, there was always an underlying competition between us. We were constancy trying to out tan the other. We would ‘sneak’ tanning sessions in whenever we could, whether it was on a lunch break at school, doing outdoor chores or even sitting in the car. And if questioned about looking more tanned, denial was always the best response.

When the time came to name the ‘winner’ of this contest-not-contest, we could never pick one because our skin tones and tans were so difference. Now, looking back, I think deep down, we never really cared about the tan or the ‘competition’. What we loved most was our days spent alone together on that wee raft chatting and laughing the day away.

Sun Safety In Your 50s

Of course, we are now all very aware of how harmful the sun can be. Personally, I just try not to get any new sun damage and care for what already exists. There are many ways to care for sun damage. As for myself, my facial skin care routine now travels all the way to my bosom!

My sun care routine now includes:

  • A 50+ sunblock
  • Swimsuit cover up
  • Tinted sunblock or suntan products so I can have a glow without the damage
Whether you are showing off your (natural or bottled) tan or covering up a little bit of sun damage, a statement necklace full of lustrous pearls and sparkling silver is always a good idea!

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