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Complimentary shipping on all orders over $200

The Best Statement Jewelry For The 2020 Holiday Season

The Best Statement Jewelry For The 2020 Holiday Season

The holidays are quickly approaching and we have already begun our own shopping!

Whether you are shopping for yourself or a loved one, a statement necklace is always a great idea. When purchasing for yourself, it is a wonderful way to express your sense of style and celebrate the every day. If you are purchasing for someone else, you are sharing with them just how incredible you think they are and gifting them a shimmering representation of their personality. The perfect gift, all around!   

As always, we like to remind you, our beautiful reader, that there is no wrong way to wear a statement necklace! While we are always happy to provide suggestions, the right statement necklace is the one that makes you feel like yourself!

Our Five Favorite Holiday Statement Necklaces

While we have designed our statement necklaces to be worn all year round, there are certain necklaces that lend themselves to the holiday season better than others. Allow us to share our five favourite holiday statement necklaces!

  1. Pearls

    Pearls have only just begun to make a resurgence in mainstream fashion, but they have been a pillar in our statement jewelry since the beginning. Pearls are classic, timeless, effortless and sensual. They have this uncanny ability to elevate any mood or outfit, without seeming stuffy or reserved.

    Our Pauline Necklaces is handcrafted from two of our most favourite things- pearls and silver! She brings elements on glamour and extravagance to the everyday, something we could also enjoy a little more of!

    Shop our Pauline Necklace HERE.

  2. Vintage Inspired

    We created Carolily Finery to honor to two very special women- Carol and Lily, Donna's mother and grandmother. Carol and Lily are the inspiration behind our name and devotion to timeless jewelry. We have always taken inspiration from the past and it is why vintage inspired jewelry makes it onto our list!

    The vintage inspired glass pendant, antique gold plated chain and smokey quartz in the Sheree Necklace are reminiscent of days gone by. Pair with a black jumpsuit or velvet blazer for a laid back, yet luxurious look.

    Shop the Sheree Necklace HERE.

  3. Black Onyx

    We will always love black onyx and the richness it brings to an outfit, especially during the holidays. There is nothing quite like twinkling lights bouncing off of onyx!

    We love our Kara Necklace with any dark two piece outfit. A subtle black pinstripe, a luxurious midnight velvet or garnet outfit pairs perfectly with the onyx and European crystals pearls in the Kara.  

    Shop the Kara Necklace HERE.

  4. Mulit-Layers

    One of the things we love most about jewelry is the way is moves with us. As you'll likely notice, most of our necklaces are multi-strand. We think it brings the jewelry to life, allows for a free flowing feel and dances along with you throughout the day. 

    Mono chromatic outfits, especially black ones, are especially suited for necklaces that have multiple layers, like our Stephanie Necklace. While your black outfit set the stage, the shimmering silver and glistening pearls of the Stephanie will steal the show.

    Shop the Stephanie Necklace HERE.

  5. Rich, Neutral Tones

    Gone are the days of drab and boring colour palettes. Neutrals don't have to be muted! The smoky quartz, and champagne, espresso and misty grey European crystal pearls bring a new life to the word "neutral" and look stunning as part of the Hannah Necklace.

    Pair the Hannah Necklace with a tailored black tuxedo jacket or a winter white ensemble to truly let the necklace shine. 

    Shop the Hannah Necklace HERE.

Plan Ahead For Holiday Shopping

Canada Post has been doing their very best to stay ahead of delays, but we anticipate that shipping times are going to be extended as we enter the second wave of Covid-19 and get closer to Christmas time.⁠

Now is the best time to start your holiday shopping. You have plenty of time to make your decisions and receive your parcels.⁠ As always, you have the option of regular or expedited mail.

If the statement necklace you are purchasing is to be a gift, please make a note at checkout so that we can give the order a little extra love!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at and we would be happy to help.

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