Our Story

Carolily was created out of love. Donna and Danielle Scheven, the mother daughter team behind our brand, started Carolily to honor two very special women- Carol and Lily, Donna's mother and grandmother.

Donna had always had the name "Carolily" set aside in case her and Danielle went into business together. After a enthusiastic discussion about business ideas in 2015, that idea became a reality.

With Donna's passion for artistry and jewelry making, and Danielle's background in digital marketing, an online boutique filled with stunning, handcrafted jewelry made perfect sense.

Since launching Carolily, Donna and Danielle have had the pleasure of seeing their jewelry walk the New York Fashion Week runways, splashed across the pages of renowned publications like Vanity Fair, Glamour, and Story of Fashion, and, most importantly, worn by our beloved clients.

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Donna and Danielle Scheven, owners of Carolily Finery

Donna Scheven

As our lead designer and with almost four decades of jewelry making experience, Donna approaches her designs with a fond glance at the past and a nod to the future. Through her jewelry, Donna looks to connect with women to help them find more freedom, acceptance, vitality, and to fully embrace the stage of life they are in. It's all about living in the present moment! Each piece of Carolily jewelry is a work of art and the finishing touch is when a woman slips it on, giving it life and movement.


Danielle Scheven

Danielle's background in digital marketing and innate ability to connect with others led to her receiving awards like the Top 40 Under 40 at an early age. Whether it’s inspiring young women to follow their passions, helping a client find a necklace that makes her feel good about herself, or supporting female entrepreneurs, Danielle’s zest for life is overshadowed only by her desire to empower women through our jewelry.