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November 17, 2021 3 min read

Holiday Jewelry Style Guide

As far as we're concerned, the holiday party season starts now! Local businesses have begun decorating, the air is crisp enough for our cozy coats, and after 18 months of no fun at all, we are dying to (safely) socialize with loved ones again. Why not start the holiday season early and start celebrating all we are thankful for?!

As we prepare for our upcoming festivities, there a few key questions we always ask ourselves to ensure our closet is as ready as we are!

  • How can we utilize the clothing we have in our closet in new ways?
  • Do we want our jewelry to take center stage or be a beautiful compliment to the outfit?
  • How many different ways can we style our jewelry?

How To Style Our Favorite Holiday Jewelry

 If you are looking for a little fashion inspiration, look no further! We are sharing our top six looks, including some that utilize the same article of clothing or piece of jewelry. Not only is it sustainable, but it takes some of the planning out of your social calendar!

  1. All the Sparkle

    When you have a dress this fabulous hanging in your closet, you will want to select jewelry that is just as glitzy! 
    The Grayson Necklace, Grayson Earrings and Carol Bracelet were absolutely meant for this dress. You'll make a shimmering entrance anywhere you go.
    Shop the Grayson Necklace here, Earrings here, and Carol Bracelet here.
    Woman wearing statement jewelry and a sparkly holiday dress
  2. Black Lace

    We love how timeless black lace is and it is especially elegant during the holiday season.
    We have paired Donna's black lace top with a black camisole, black wide leg trousers, statement making boots, and our Emila set. The blacks, red and rose coloured pearls and crystals in the Emila look stunning against the all black ensemble and pick up the tones in the boots!
    Shop the Emila Necklace here, Bracelet here, and Earrings here.
    How to style holiday jewelry
  3. Matching Jewel Tones

    For an entirely different way to style the Emila, try pairing her with an outfit that picks up the jewel tones in the pearls and gemstones! We love the rich colour of this burgundy blouse and how perfectly is pairs with the Emila. Slip on some black trousers, your favorite heels and you are ready to go!
    Woman wearing statement jewelry and burgundy top
  4. Velvet & Sparkles

    When we think of our favorite party outfits, they almost almost involve velvet and sequins!
    When one portion of our outfit has so much going on, like this fabulously fun skirt, we like to keep our jewelry on the slightly more subtle side. Between the chunky chain and European crystal pearls in our Brooke Necklace, there is plenty of visual intrigue without overpowering the outfit.
    Shop the Brooke Necklace here and Earrings here
    How to style holiday necklaces

  5. A Party Skirt

    If you have more than one event to attend in a weekend, you can take some of the planning out by wearing your fabulous velvet top with different skirts, shoes and jewelry! 
    For a completely different look, we have paired Donna's blue velvet top with a brightly coloured skirt, complimentary velvet purse, basic Mary Jane shoes and our spectacular Zadie Earrings! Handcrafted from numerous European crystals, the Zadie are some serious show stoppers.
    Shop the Zadie Earrings here.
    How to style holiday earrings
  6. Classic Black Dress

    It's called a classic for a reason! There is nothing more elegant than a beautiful, floor length black dress paired with your favourite pearl jewelry.
    We love the femininity of our Stephanie Necklace paired with the Ainsley Bracelet. There is just enough sparkle and plenty of glamour.
    Shop the Stephanie Necklace here, and Ainsley Bracelet here.
    Woman in a pearl necklace and black dress

Your Style

No matter how you choose to style your Carolily jewelry this holiday season, make sure you choose outfits that you feel absolutely divine in!

If you need any help choosing jewelry for yourself or loved ones, please email us at

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

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