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How to enjoy your first photo shoot

Hello, Beautiful!

On Sunday, September 6th, we had our first major photo shoot! While there was a significant amount of preparation during the months leading up to it, the shoot itself flew by. We lucked out with the weather and were able to enjoy a beautiful sunny day and everything ran according to plan.

While we could not possibly sit here and claim to be photo shoot experts (though that would be fun to say!), we can share our experience and the three things that helped make it a stress free day.

For behind the scenes photos of the day, take a peek at our Instagram.

Make sure you have a great team.
It is hard to accomplish anything if you do not have a support system in place. For us, we had to assemble a team of ladies who believed in Carolily, who were experts in their respective field, and who would be a good representation of our brand. We lucked out and found just that!

Thank you to everyone who was involved in our shoot; we literally could not have done it without you. Please know that you are all sincerely appreciated!

Our fabulous photographer, Alexis Kelly of Alexis Kelly Photography, did an outstanding job! As she politely asked our models to rearrange themselves, she did so with respect and consideration. While we were considering what set to use next, Alexis already had a plan in place for what shots she wanted to do. Aside from her obvious talent, Alexi’s sincerity and playful attitude made her an absolute dream to work with. We are so happy that Alexis has chosen to be a part of our team!

Maddison Nipkow, of Makeup by Maddison, was chosen to beautify our already lovely models. Maddison brought out our models natural beauty and made the whole experience enjoyable! We were thrilled with the results and look forward to working with Maddison again.

The gorgeous vintage wardrobe was kindly provided by Georgie Girl Vintage, of Kelowna BC. A fabulous downtown boutique, Georgie Girl offers new and pre-loved vintage wear for anyone interested in looking their best.

We are particularly grateful for our stunning models and their sincere interest in our company. Hillary, the blonde bombshell of the group, impressed us not only with her talent, but her professionalism and personability. Kasia, the tallest beauty of them all, had a way of commanding attention in her photos that turned heads. And Devon, the youngest beauty of the bunch, made looking that beautiful seem effortless. All three of the ladies were an absolute pleasure to work with, and we would recommend them to anyone!

We would also like to say a special thank you to The Fort Wine Co. for allowing us to use their lovely property, and to Steve’s Lighting for letting us borrow the fabulous pink and white chandelier.

Be organized.
Things are bound to happen throughout the day that will throw you for a loop, but if you go into it with a plan, these things are less likely to derail you. We are list lovers and that’s our favorite way of keeping on top of everything. But you will need to find what works best for you.

Lists, day planners, and apps can all make your life a lot easier, especially when preparing for something as significant as a photo shoot. We made lists of everything we had to prepare, put a schedule together of how the day was going to go, organized props and wrote out all of the jewelry and wardrobe changes. This kept things moving along nicely and ensured everyone was on the same page.

Have fun with it! This is your first photo shoot and if you’re anything like us, you won’t really know what to expect.

Sometimes you have to improvise. Pictured here, you will see us making use of a glass cup to ensure our necklaces are perfectly circular. It may have looked ridiculous at the time, but it got the job done!

Don’t stress about the little things. Sometimes people are late and sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate; make sure you have a backup plan. Prepare for the things you can control, and just accept the things you cannot. You just have to know that everything will work out for you in the end!

In Closing...
While it’s hard to believe our shoot has come and gone, we had an amazing day! Thank you, again, to everyone who helped make it happen.

We hope our helpful hints will aid in making your first photo shoot a success. We wish you nothing but the very best of luck.

What helpful hints do you have for making a shoot run smoothly? We would love to hear your thoughts!


Warmest regards,


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Karen Ramer

Good luck. So exciting. looking forward to your next step.

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