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Complimentary shipping on all orders over $200

How Carolily Began

We are often asked how we got started or where the name “Carolily” comes from. So, allow me to share our story.

It all started in my art studio as I was painting my favorite subject, a bird. As I was starting the new piece I began thinking about why I love birds so much. I love the colours of their feathers and how each is the same, but, slightly different. I am in awe of how they can adapt to their ever changing environment. I admire how small birds support other small birds when a larger bird is threatening their nest. The determination of a robin with her head cocked towards the ground until she finds breakfast for her young is impressive. As I am paying tribute to my fine feathered friends, I realize they remind me of women...and no, I was not drinking any bubbly at this time! We adapt to what is going on around us and we support each other in times of need. And where did my mind journey after this discovery, you ask? To my mum, Carol. And then to my grandmother, Lily...see where this is going…’Carolily’. I knew right there and then that I would honour them somehow. Having lost both these women at a young age, my desire to do something was even stronger. I did not know what, until three and a half years ago when I was chatting to the most important female in my life, who I love more than anything, my daughter, Danielle.

Our journey began when Danielle and I were out walking discussing my idea. We chatted about how wonderful it would be if we could do something that would combine both Danielle’s and my strengths and talents. Danielle never met her grandmother or great grandmother, but, knew them through stories and memories I shared. We talked about how Carol and Lily, along with most of the women in England, were strong, determined and very proud individuals who had survived the war with their heads held high and pearls around their necks. And this was the moment Carolily Finery was born.

The excitement of doing something to honour Carol and Lily and to be able to work side by side as mother and daughter was overwhelming! And as you can imagine, the floodgates opened and all our ideas came pouring out. After much discussion and thought, we decided to create the most marvelous statement necklaces with layers of chains, pearls and crystals. The layers in our statement necklaces would signify the ‘layers’ found in women. It is our desire to have our statement necklaces help women embrace who they are, all their’ layers’ and all their perfect imperfections. Thus, each necklace we create will always be slightly different than any two will be exactly the same, just like women...and birds.

And, I believe, it was at this point we had some bubbly and made a toast to Carol and Lily!


Wendy Scheven

Congratulations on you vision and dedication. Proud Gramma XX

Carolily Finery

Thank you so much, Deborah! Wishing you all the best, as well!

Deborah Hill

haha… I meant…lives!

Deborah Hill

Love your story and the history and love of your family! So very precious and I wish you much happiness in your business and your lives. ?

Carolily Finery

Thank you so much for the kind words, Susan! Wonderful to hear from you.

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