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How To Act Your Age (For Women Over 50)

How To Act Your Age (For Women Over 50)

So often we read articles about what a woman our age or "of a certain" age ought to be doing. What beauty products we should be using, what we should wear, the top ten foods to include in our diet, when we should retire, how we should present ourselves to the world. There seems to be an awful lot of rules once we hop on over the fifty year mark. It also sounds dreadfully dull, if you ask us.

For those we haven't met in person yet, there's one thing that's important to know about us...we make our own rules! We also encourage the women in our lives to do the same. With that in mind, let's say poopoo to the rules that society has written for us and say hellooo to a world full of exciting opportunities at every turn. We invite you to join us on this fabulous journey of embracing ourselves exactly as we are.

While, yes, we have created this list of the top six ways to act your age, they really are more like suggestions that we like to mull over. Things to contemplate. Ideas to reference. Ways of living that transcend time.

When it comes to actual rules for acting our age? Pfft...there are no rules here!

Carolily's Tips For How To Act Your Age

  1. Forget Your Age

    This is the first suggestion in our list for a reason and that's because it's the most important one. Now, for most of us, forgetting things comes much easier nowadays! But, what we mean is to stop attaching yourself to a number. What does a number even mean? What does a 50 year old look like? That depends entirely on the individual. What does a 60 year old look like? Well, that depends, as well. 
    When thinking about our chronological age, societal expectations can sometimes cloud our judgment. We think about things we should or shouldn't do at this age. Instead of worrying about what the world thinks you ought to be spending your time doing, forget them. And, while you're at it, just forget your age entirely. The number doesn't matter!
  2. Do What You Damn Well Please

    Ah...our second favorite suggestion. If we're being honest, this could have been Suggestion #1 Part B, because it is almost as crucial as the first. Once you have purposefully forgotten the chronological number that seems to follow you around everywhere you go, now you must also forget about those pesky societal pressures we mentioned earlier. You'd like to spend time with your family and not work? Fabulous, do it! You desire to start up a new business with your daughter? That's what we did! You wish to travel the world on a solo adventure, tasting your way through the Italian countryside? We hope you'll send us photos. Life is meant to be lived and the only way you're going to feel truly fulfilled at the end of yours is if you decide to do the things you enjoy doing. Not what your friends like, not what your partner likes, not what society instructs you to like...but, YOU, what do YOU like? Once you figure out what that is, do it and do it well! 
  3. Drink The Wine & Eat The Food

    When we were younger, there were times that we chose our waistline over enjoying an evening out with a loved one. Days when we labeled food as "bad" or, even worse, ourselves for eating it!
    While it is imperative that we take care of our bodies, feed them well, treat them gently and stay hydrated, it is also important to enjoy the simple pleasure in life, like really good food or your favorite glass of wine. Yes, sometimes dietary restrictions prevent us from indulging in our old favorites, but there are always ways to make a meal special. Take time to prepare a new dish and make everything from scratch. Pull out that bottle of wine you've been saving for a special occasion and savor it on a Wednesday with a friend. Go to your local farmers market and meet the people who grew your food. Create and cherish these delicious moments. 
  4. Wear What Makes You Happy

    One of the ways we express ourselves is through our wardrobe. So, why is it that when we're presented the opportunity to wear whatever we like, we opt for clothing that hides us, shrinks us or lets us blend in? That doesn't sound like we are standing in our power and being true to ourselves!
    We don't always want to make a bold statement or to stand out from the crowd and that is perfectly fine! That's not what this is about. Wearing what makes you happy is just that, choosing clothing, jewelry and shoes based on what you love. Not thinking that something is "too old" or "too young" for you. Apparel is ageless, sexless and limitless. If something feels good wearing it, wear it again!  

  5. Consider Death The Ultimate Reality Check

    As we transition to the second half of our life, we can sometimes feel a sense of dread or panic. We start contemplating our death a little bit more, what our loved ones will do when we're gone, and what we are going to miss.
    Instead of viewing our mortality as something morbid and scary to consider, think of it as the ultimate motivator. At any moment, we could draw our last breath. The meal we eat this evening could be our last one. Without knowing it, we may go to sleep for the last time. When we have a healthy relationship with our unavoidable conclusion, it helps gives meaning to everything we do. Interactions are more engaging. Food tastes so much better. You're more present with those whose company you enjoy. You begin to relish every moment you have because you understand and acknowledge that no one knows how many moments they have left. Don't be scared of death; it comes for us all. Take this as your reminder to make the most of every day. Don't wait for someone to give you permission to chase your dreams, take that trip, buy that necklace, eat that piece of cake or call up an old friend. Make every day special, knowing that it very well could be your last!
  6. Dream Big

    For many of us, we've had successful careers, raised families, lived vibrantly and now that we are older, the world seems to have forgotten us. Somewhere along the way, society didn't see us to be as valuable, needed or knowledgeable anymore. Meanwhile, we have more wisdom and experience now than we ever did in our 20s or 30s or even 40s! 
    The great part about society telling you things you don't want to hear is you don't have to listen. We are who we decide to be. Whatever unrealized ambitions we have, there is nothing stopping us from starting a new adventure now. The only thing that might be holding us back is our own set of limiting beliefs, the little voice in our head that says we are "too old". But, if you started reading this list at #1, you'll have forgotten your age already, and you're well ahead of the game. 

Where To Go From Here

Now that you have a firm grasp on how to act your age, where do you go from here?

Well, that depends! Are you going to book that trip to the other side of the world now that we know international travel will be open again soon? Are you going to pop open that bottle of wine you've had your eye on for months? Will you close you eyes, poke a spot on the globe, and make a new dish of that region's cuisine? Perhaps you'll start a new business and make use of all that experience? Maybe you'll even start dressing in ways that make you truly joyful.

Whatever new adventure you choose, we hope that you act your age by doing whatever you damn well please. We know that's what we'll be doing!



Great advice, I plan on sharing this with my friends. I retired last fall and I am just starting to enjoy the freedom this chapter in my life offers. The transition after working 40 years has taken a bit longer then I thought it would.
Thank you for sharing.

Carolily Finery

Yes, Mary-Anne! A fabulous idea! Hopefully in another month or two I’ll be able to come down and have a glass with you all xo


Wonderful pearls of wisdom! I’ll be popping that bottle of wine!

Carolily Finery

Thank you so much for reading, Kim! We’re so glad you enjoyed our tips!

Kim McLean

YES!! Excellent tips! Thank-you!

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