October 10, 2022 2 min read

How to Style The Violette Necklace

Our handcrafted jewelry is designed with self expression in mind! These pieces are meant to be an extension of your personality and sense of style. 

While there is no right or wrong way to wear jewelry, we do need inspiration some days! Below, we have styled our Violette Necklace three different ways, using the same base outfit. 

Reminiscent of our best selling Kim Necklace, the Violette incorporates beautiful hues of pink and champagne to bring a lovely glow to your face and chest. She is handcrafted from European crystal pearls, shell pearls, and sterling silver and hypoallergenic stainless steel chain.

Violette Pearl Necklace

The Violette Necklace can be found here.

Violette Pearl Bracelet

The Violette Bracelet can be found here.

Violette Pearl Earrings

The Violette Earrings can be found here.

Outfit #1: The Weekender Classic

With these three outfits, we are using a classic white blouse and blue jeans as our base. So often, we get caught up in trying to come up with wildly different outfits, when all we need to do is make a few, key changes!

Here, Donna has paired her jeans and blouse with a square toed brown ankle boot and complimentary brown belt. Don't worry about matching your boots and belt exactly!

In addition to the Violette Necklace, Donna is also wearing the complimentary Bracelet and Earrings!

How to style the Violette Necklace


How to style the Violette Necklace


How to style the Violette Necklace

What do you think? Is this an outfit you can envision yourself enjoying on the weekend?

Outfit #2: Cozy in Cashmere

Next, we are going to take our base outfit from outfit #1 and add in a simple cashmere sweater. While this is a very easy transition, it completely transforms the look.

This is also an excellent option for fall when our mornings are so much cooler than the afternoon. You may like to start your day with the cashmere sweater, but find you can take it off later on. We love having options!

Do you prefer this outfit to the first? Which would you reach for?

 How to style the Violette Necklace with Cashmere


How to style the Violette Necklace with Cashmere


Outfit #3: The Perfect Jacket

When the weather turns or the evenings are chilly, we always like to have a timeless jacket on hand. This  m0851 wax cotton coat has been a favourite of Donna's for many years.

How do you feel about this jacket? Does it get you excited for this season's fall fashion?!

How to style the Violette Necklace

Styled Your Way

As mentioned in the beginning, there is no right or wrong way to wear our jewelry! These outfits are merely meant as inspiration.

We would love to see the way you've styled your Violette! You can tag us on social media or email us at hello@carolily.com.

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