July 10, 2020 2 min read

The Awesome Over 50 Collection

We have been working on a collaborative collection for many months and we are thrilled to finally be able to share it with you!

Designed to celebrate women in and over their 50s, The Awesome Over 50 Collection is all about embracing ourselves, just as we are! 

Why "Awesome Over 50"?

The collection is named in honor of our co-creator! Heather is the voice behind the Awesome Over 50 brand and who we have been working with on the new designs! Heather creates engaging content focused on the over 50 crowd. Her Youtube videos feature makeup tutorials, wardrobe suggestions, skin care routines and plenty of tips on how to feel fresh and confident in your body! 

When we first started discussing a potential collaboration with Heather, we immediately felt comfortable chatting with her, like a lifelong friend! Heather was the genuine, down to earth influencer we had been searching for and we could hardly wait to begin our journey together. 

You can follow Heather on Instagramor check out her YouTube channel!

The Collection

The Awesome Over 50 Collection contains the Heather Necklace, Heather Bracelet, and Heather Earrings, available in gold and silver. You can purchase the pieces individually, but we recommend buying the Heather Set to save yourself $15! Be sure to take a peek at Heather's Instagram for a special promo code.

The necklace and bracelet each feature five stunning European crystal pearls and European crystals, meant to represent each of the five decades.

You can shop our new Awesome Over 50 Collection here.

We Hope You Love It

We cannot wait to see the Awesome Over 50 Collection on you, our beautiful customers. While we love all of our collections, being able to collaborate with Heather makes this one extra special.

For those who are now out of their fifties, we are happy to create a customized version with more European  crystals and/or pearls to represent your age! Please feel free to email us at info@carolily.com with any questions. 

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