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Why This Is Your Best Age Ever

Why This Is Your Best Age Ever

As we sit here, writing this article, we know that we'll never experience this moment again. We'll never be this exact age again. We'll never feel this exact way again. We'll never look identical to how we do in this moment. We only have the present.

Five, ten or maybe even twenty years down the road, we'll look back on the age we were right this moment in awe. My, how times flies.

We spend so much of our time thinking about younger versions of ourselves. How different our bodies were. How much sharper our minds were. How active and mobile we were. 

Why is it that we spend so much time fighting who we are in this moment? Why do we spend so much time resisting our current reality? We are the youngest we'll ever be from now on. We're only getting older. What a beautiful gift that is.

Five Reasons Why This Is Our Best Age Ever

When we are struggling with the reflection we see in the mirror, feeling like it doesn't match how youthful we feel inside, we like to remind ourselves of five reasons why this is our best age ever.

  1. We'll Never Experience This Age Again

    With every passing day, we leave yesterday behind. We know full well we'll never get it back, but we still take so many moments for granted. We will never be the age we are RIGHT NOW ever again. By the time we are finished writing this article, we'll be older than when we started. We will never get to experience this exact age ever again and that is something to be treasured. We only get to experience what it's like to be 50, 60, 70 or 80 once before we've moved on to the next age. There are so many wonderful parts of our current age that we didn't get to experience when we were younger and won't get to experience when we are older. Right now is perfection.
    It sometimes feels like we are enjoying a fine dining experience. If you don't take time to savor the appetizer and really relish every bite, you feel taken aback by the time your entrée arrives because you barely remember tasting the appetizer. It is important to truly enjoy every moment because once it's gone, it's gone.
  2. Our Bodies Will Change

    At 58, we may think we have a lot of grey hair, but it's nothing in comparison to how grey our hair will be at 80. And that's wonderful! We get to enjoy our salt and peppery hair now and when the time comes when we have gone fully grey, we'll be able to embrace that, as well.
    Our bodies will likely decline in strength and stamina as the years go on. Meaning right now, we are the strongest we will be! Let's celebrate that strength by staying active in whatever way brings us joy. Maybe that's a morning walk, afternoon hike, getting out on the water for some kayaking, crouching down in the garden pulling weeds or going on a bicycle wine tour! Let's take time to thank our bodies for what they can do now because we never know what they'll be able to do tomorrow.
  3. Our Minds Will Change

    Much like the physical changes we will experience, our minds will also change. We might have a harder time remembering what we did earlier in the day or coming up with that word that is just on the tip of our tongue. This isn't something to fear or dread; it is merely a part of life. It is  wonderful reminder for us to lovingly embrace ourselves right now, in this moment.
    Have you heard the saying, "comparison is the thief of joy"? So often is is used in reference to comparing ourselves to others. But, the sentiment rings just as true when we are comparing our current selves to our younger selves. We spend so much time living in the past that we rob ourselves of the opportunity to enjoy the present.
  4. Wait To Celebrate Our Next Age

    As human beings, we love milestones. Getting to celebrate our 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th and, if we're so lucky, 100th birthday all seem so exciting. But, what about the years in between? Do we hold as much excitement for 61 as we do 60? Probably not. We're so focused on making it to our next milestone birthday, that we completely forget to celebrate the present moment. We have all the time in the world to enjoy our 70th, but for right now, let's enjoy every moments of the years leading up to it. Make your 64th year just as memorable as your 65th birthday. When we cherish each and every day, we realize that we have all the time we need.
  5. Our Age Is What We Make It

    If you've read some of our other articles, like "How To Act Your Age Over 50" or "The Five Signs Of Aging", you'll know where we stand when it comes to societal expectations for women over 50...we think they are a load of rubbish! 
    No one gets to tell us how to live this time in our life and it is completely up to us how much joy we experience. Why not go on a solo adventure at 60? Why not start a new career or business at 55? Why not take up a new hobby at 77? Our age is what we make of it and the chronological number is entirely irrelevant. We celebrate our age and know that it is not just a number, but a beautiful part of who we are it. With our age comes wisdom, confidence, acceptance and so many beautiful memories. 

Embrace Reality

We may not be the same person we were at 20 (phew, thank goodness), but we're also not the same person we're going to be 10 years from now. We only have a very small window to love and embrace the age we are currently at and that is the present moment.

We like to begin the morning or end the day with gratitude by saying all of the things about us we are thankful for, either out loud or in our heads. Thank you legs for allowing me to go for a walk. Thank you hands for helping me write these letters. Thank you mind for remembering all those fun times from last summer. Thank you heart for beating strong and keeping me alive. We are fully aware that we are ever evolving and that these things may change.

When we relish every moment of every day, no matter how many years we've enjoyed, we know that it is our best age ever.


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Thank you so much, Faith! We are so thrilled to have you a part of our adventure and are overjoyed that you’re enjoying your Doneen earrings! They look spectacular on you.

Faith Klinksiek

What a beautiful article! Perfect for this beautiful strawberry full moon! Thank you for not being just any jewelry company. You both are so inspiring and uplifting! Been wearing my Doneen earrings every day! Every day is a special occasion and we can dress like we are at the best party ever, cause we are!!

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