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Five Signs of Aging, According to Carolily

With every page turn in a magazine, Facebook ad, or TV commercial, women are constantly reminded of their age. The best way to cover grey hair. Botox to reduce signs of fine lines and wrinkles. Workouts specifically created for women over 50. Surgeries to combat loose skin. Creams to help us look more youthful.

When did society decide aging was a bad thing? At Carolily, we embrace all that we are, especially our age! 

We're happy to be the ones to break it to you; if you are experiencing the following signs, it is likely that you are a woman who is aging!

The Five Signs of Aging

#1- Self Expression

As we get older, we begin to care less about what other think about us and more about what would make us happy. The hobby we put off for years, is now our favorite past time. That lipstick colour we thought was too bold, is now our go to. That statement necklace we were worried was too much, is our favorite piece of jewelry. 

As we gain life experience, we learn more about our suppressed desires and allow ourselves to express them. We only have a short time on this earth and we are committed to spending every moment being true to ourselves. 

#2- Dressing For Yourself

Trends are for the young, those who are still trying to find themselves. We know who we are, what we like and what we don't like. Gone are the days of trying to fit ourselves into uncomfortable clothing or styles that are simply unflattering for our body shape. Gone is the need to conform to what society considers age appropriate. Who decides what is age appropriate, anyways?

We have found a sense of style that is perfectly our own and that we feel comfortable in. Women, both young and aged alike, compliment our outfits, our hairstyles, and the way we carry ourselves. When you're not dressing for anyone but yourself, the world takes notice.

#3- Wisdom

"What would you tell your younger self?" is a question many of us have contemplated. What WOULD we tell our younger selves? With age comes an emboldened sense of wisdom that cannot be denied. We see things for what they truly are, we are not bothered by the opinions of others, and we maintain a sense of presence and calmness throughout the day. We wouldn't change anything about the years we have lived and, instead, use our leanings to make every day memorable.  

#4- Appreciation

When our first grey hairs emerged, it was a time for reflection. While many choose to cover them up, we embraced them. How lucky are we that we get to experience growing older? So many people do not get that opportunity. The older we get, the greater appreciation for life we have. Every moment is note worthy. We take the time to slow down, smell the roses, and enjoy every sunset. Every day is a fresh start, a new adventure, and an opportunity for us to try something new.

We choose to see aging as the most incredible privilege. Even death, viewed by many as scary, is the greatest reminder for us to be present and appreciate every breath we are lucky enough to take. 

#5- Statement Making

The value of our thoughts and opinions does not diminish with age. Our worth as a human being does not change as we grow older. The culmination of years spent learning about ourselves results in having something important to say. We now realize that everything we do, everything we wear, everything we say makes a statement. And that's exciting. We recognize that by wearing certain outfits and jewelry, we are expressing our creativity. We exude confidence in the way we walk. We breathe certainty into the words we speak. Everything we do is a statement and we have complete control over what it is we are saying. 

No Need To Reduce Signs of Aging

Despite what the commercials for creams, treatments, and procedures will tell you, there is no need to fight or reduce the signs of aging. We feel empowered by our age, the way we dress and express ourselves, the knowledge we have gained, and the statements we continue to make about who we are. Aging is the ultimate privilege and we are appreciative of our ability to continue celebrating it.   


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Wendy Scheven
Wendy Scheven

July 06, 2020

This was excellent! Kind of confirms what I do and who I am !! At 80+…… I guess that’s a good thing !!! :)

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