January 01, 2021 3 min read

Are Statement Necklaces In Style For 2021?

We have received this question once or twice over the years, but how do we even evaluate what being "in style" means? As the great Ralph Lauren once said, “Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.”

If style is personal, then it can be assumed that your sense of style is made up of what makes you feel good! And, at Carolily, statement necklaces are what make us feel good.

We don't consider our statement jewelry to be "fashionable" or "trendy". In fact, we even wrote an article in 2017 titled "For The Hottest Spring & Summer Trends Do Not Shop At Carolily". Our designs are timeless and meant to suit your personality, not follow arbitrary trends of what others deem fashionable.

No one can tell us what is "in style" or out because that is something that is unique to each of us. When we look at it that way, the things we love will always be in style!

What Statement Necklaces Will We Be Wearing In 2021?

Since our sense of style is based off of our personality, our style is as fluid and ever changing as we are. We are not married to any one type of statement necklace, but there are always designs that we are more drawn to than others.

Take a peek at our top statement necklace choices for 2021 and let us know which is your favorite!

  1. Pearl Chokers 

    Pearls have been at the forefront of our statement necklaces since our company's inception, but there is something so special about modernized pearl chokers that they will be our number one go-to for statement necklaces during 2021.We love how easily they can be paired with a white t-shirt, blazer and jeans, or added as the finishing touch to our Friday night date outfit. No matter how you wear them, you can't help but feeling chic and oh so confident!

    Shop the Danielle Necklace HERE.
    Danielle Statement Necklace

    Shop the Stephanie Necklace HERE.
    Stephanie Pearl Statement Necklace

  2. Multi-Layer Pearls 

    On the opposite end of our pearl loving spectrum is a pearl necklace with multiple layers! We love the organic, free flowing way they move with our bodies throughout the day, and how effortlessly they are able to elevate an outfit. While we think multi-layer pearl necklaces look great with virtually any outfit, we do have a soft spot for pairing them with plunging necklines to truly show off the craftsmanship of the necklace. If you're going to make a statement, really make it!

    Shop the Pauline Necklace HERE.
    Pauline Pearl Statement Necklace

  3. Chunky, Gold Chains

    A chunky, gold statement necklace will always have a place in our closets and is one of the most versatile necklaces you can own. Dress it up with a funky cropped jacket or keep it classic with a white blouse and jeans. There is no wrong way to style a chunky, gold chain necklace and that is why this style is number three on our list!

    Stop the Adelia Gold Statement Necklace HERE.
    Adelia Gold Statement Necklace | Carolily Finery

    Shop the Maisie Necklace HERE.
    Maisie Gold Statement Necklace | Carolily Finery

  4. Colourful Gemstones

    After a dreary winter, all we want in our lives is a little bit of colour. Often times that colour comes from a tan courtesy of a tropical destination, but, alas, that's not the case this year. Instead, we will be wearing statement necklaces made from colourful gemstones to bring a little extra life to our outfits. Tropical trips or not, gemstone necklaces are always a welcome addition to our wardrobe! 

    Shop the Annabelle Statement Necklace HERE.
    Annabelle Gemstone Statement Necklace

    Shop the Lavinia Short Statement Necklace HERE.
    Lavinia Gold & Gemstone Statement Necklace

Custom Necklaces for 2021

If you have a particular statement necklace in mind, but don't see it displayed in our online store, it may be time for you to chat with us about creating a custom necklace!

We have had the pleasure of working with individuals across North American to handcraft wedding jewelry, anniversary necklaces, special gifts and family heirlooms to be passed down to future generations. It is one of the best parts about what we do.

If you are interested in starting a conversation about custom jewelry, please email us at info@carolily.com. If you'd like more information on our custom jewelry process, you can do so HERE.

Our 2021 Wish For You

As we leave the whirlwind of 2020 behind us and usher in a new year, we hope that you take some extra time for yourself to enjoy life! Consider what makes your heart happy and fill your world with more of it! We have always embodied the phrase "quality over quantity", but we will be taking that to a whole new level this year and only welcoming that which truly brings us joy. 

Wishing you all the very best in 2021 and beyond!

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