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April 09, 2021 3 min read

Best Jewelry For Mother's Day

With Mother's Day being right around the corner, it's time to start considering how you wish to show your love and appreciation. 

While it is always the thought that counts, sharing the Carolily love with a mom in your life is a wonderful representation of her beautiful personality. There is nothing quite like gifting someone a piece of Carolily jewelry and seeing their face light up as they explain, "This is perfectly ME!".

All of our statement necklaces, bracelets and earrings would make lovely gifts, but we have five pieces in mind that we think are the winners for Mother's Day!

How To Pick The Right Jewelry

Everyone has different tastes and it can be tough to tell if someone will love the same jewelry that you do.

As you browse through all of the available styles, keep these questions in mind...

  • What colours do they typically wear? Is most of their closet comprised of cool or warm colours? Warm clothing tends to pair best with gold jewelry and cool tones with silver jewelry. But there are no rules when it comes to jewelry and it's always fun to mix and match metals.
  • Do they typically wear necklaces, bracelets or earrings? Do they prefer sets or stand alone pieces?
  • Do they like to wear the same piece of jewelry multiple days in a row or only every so often? If the piece of jewelry is meant to be for everyday wear, we recommend selecting stainless steel or sterling silver.
  • Can you envision them wearing the jewelry you've selected? Try to imagine what it might look like on them, whether or not they are smiling, and how it pairs with their clothing.

Our Go-To Jewelry For Mother's Day

With all the wonderful mother's in our lives in mind, we created our latest collection as a celebration of our love for them. While there is no wrong choice when it comes to giving your mom a gift (remember, it's the thought that counts!), we think these five pieces of statement jewelry are an excellent starting point.

  1. Tabatha Statement Necklace

    Between the rose quartz, European crystal pearls and gold plated chain, our Tabatha Necklace makes the most perfect gift (for yourself or a mother in your life!).
    Purchase the Tabatha Necklace HERE.
    Gold, quartz and pearl statement necklace
  2. Charlize Bracelet

    Handcrafted from .925 sterling silver cable chain, a sterling silver hammered heart charm and stainless steel clasp, the Charlize is a must have for any season.⁠ If you plan on gifting a Charlize, we definitely recommend purchasing one for yourself, too!
    Purchase the Charlize Bracelet HERE.
  3. Daphne Statement Necklace

    A modern twist on your mother's classic strand of pearls, the Daphne Necklace is bold, bright and beautiful. Handcrafted from European crystal pearls, she is perfect on her own or when paired with her matching bracelet.
    Purchase the Daphne Necklace HERE.
  4. Eliza Statement Necklace

    While not a part of this new collection, the Eliza Necklace is one of our most popular necklaces and for good reason! She looks stunning on anyone who wears her and brings a beautiful brightness to your face and chest!
    Purchase the Eliza Necklace HERE.
  5.  Josette Statement Necklace

    If your mom is all about making a statement, then you have come to the right place! A larger acrylic and pewter flower pendant take center stage of this magnificent necklace! You will want to wear her all year round.
    Purchase the Josette Necklace HERE.

Custom Jewelry For Mother's Day

You still have enough time to consider having a custom piece of jewelry made! If you have something specific in mind, please email us at and we would be delighted to chat.

While the cost and timeline of every piece of custom jewelry is slightly different, the first step is the same- we have a virtual meeting. Once we discuss your vision, we will be able to give you the specifics.

You can read more about our custom design process HERE.

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