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April 28, 2021 4 min read

Sustainable Women's Clothing For Spring

There has never been a better time to improve how and what you shop for. The last year has changed our lifestyles and provided time for reflection on what it is we really want & need. More and more women are adopting a ‘ buy less but better’ attitude when it comes to clothing shopping. Intentionally shopping for key wardrobe items that are expertly crafted and versatile. As an advocate for creating a sustainable fashion industry, I couldn’t be more delighted. There are several wardrobe staples that I invite every woman, regardless of age or stage, to explore or revisit with a discerning eye.

White Button Up Blouse

Whether your taste is classic tailoring or relaxed - a white button up blouse is a wardrobe staple. There are many adaptations of the classic dress shirt, whatever your taste in style, we recommend choosing a natural fibre fabric. A cotton oxford cloth gives you structure while being easy to maintain. When paired with a statement necklace and form fitting denim, a white cotton button up can take your look to iconic proportions. For those who embrace a wrinkle or two in their wardrobe, a white linen blouse always looks elegant and never stuffy. Keep it casual and beach-ready by pairing with fine jewelry and flowing bottoms.

White Button Up Blouse from Textile Apparel White Button Up Blouse from Textile Apparel

Wide Leg Linen Pants

Ideal for the Okanagan climate, wide leg linen pants are a multi-season favorite at Textile. Linen has long been a wardrobe staple because it's beautiful textured weave is so breathable. Gone are the days when linen pants had to be pressed before wearing, so you can embrace the wrinkles for an effortlessly chic look. Still skeptical that this style could work for you? It’s easier to wear than you may think! The optimal wide leg linen pant fit has an elastic waistband sitting at the natural waist, this is both ultra comfortable and figure-flattering. Bringing that waistband up to your natural waist makes your legs appear longer, balancing the volume of the pant leg. As does an ankle crop pant, making it a great choice for shorter women. Pair a waist length top or tuck a longer top into the wide leg linen pant to keep waist definition and proportion. A look this great is incredibly versatile and can be totally unique. Let your mood and occasion of the day determine the finishing touches, statement necklace and slides, or a playful bracelet and sneakers.

Wide leg linen trousers from Textile Apparel

The Jumpsuit

One & done, ready for anything. Combining playfulness with functionality, jumpsuits are made in a range of styles and silhouettes. Finding the right style for your body can take patience but once you do, it will be the only piece you want to wear. To make jumpsuit shopping successful, we recommend you consider two things; structure & ease of movement. A cotton jersey fabric jumpsuit can stretch & drape beautifully. They are often more casual & easier to get in & out of. Great for leisure wear or running errands these jumpsuits are comfortable & functional. When jumpsuits are more fitted or tailored, the fabric generally has less give and more buttons or fastening to get in & out of the garment. The result is a polished flattering fit. This style of jumpsuit can easily be elevated with creative styling. A bold earring and heels will have you walking with your head held high and looking fabulous.


Quality Over Quantity

The foundation of long-lasting style is a collection of exceptional key wardrobe items. It is in the details of fabric, form and functionality that you can determine what is ideal for you and your wardrobe. Selecting key pieces will not only allow you to simplify clothing shopping, it will also give you the ability to select complementary items with ease. You will have all the versatility to add your personal flair with accessories and attitude. Whatever the future holds for our lifestyles, exceptional & timeless clothing will continue to serve you for years to come.

Meet The Expert

Founded by Alicia Meier, Textile Apparel opened in the Spring of 2019 in the heart of downtown Kelowna, British Columbia. Promoting shopping intentionally and informed, Textile Apparel’s mission is to provide exceptional, sustainable, clothing without compromise. Offering carefully selected brands and clothing made with natural fibres that respect the planet and the wellness of the people who created each item. The majority of collections are handmade in British Columbia, Quebec & California. The minimalistic style promotes versatility & longevity. Textile Apparel takes pride in the ability to trace the origins of each piece and considers greatly the entire life-cycle your clothing will have. When you shop at Textile Apparel, you can trust that the highest level of care, social & environmental responsibility has been taken so you can look your best.

Shop Textile Apparel online at, in person at 1579 Pandosy St, Kelowna, BC or follow them on Instagram.

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