Our Family

Hello, Beautiful!

As you'll read throughout the rest of our website, we consider you a part of our Carolily family. But, what does that actually mean?

Any company can sell you jewelry, but not everyone will genuinely care about you the way we do. That may just sound like talk, but we back it up with our actions!

  • We want to make sure you are purchasing jewelry that will make you smile and that you'll wear for years to come. We offer complimentary virtual styling appointments so that we can help! Learn more and book an appointment by clicking here.

  • When you just need a little extra love and support, we also offer 15 minute appointments for just that...a little love! We can chat on the phone or text, and you can speak with either Donna or Danielle, the mother daughter team who started Carolily. We are here for you whether you want to talk about your gardening, what you enjoyed for dinner last night, your favourite jewelry, or something going on in your world. You can email us at hello@carolily.com and we will provide you the phone number.

  • We offer complimentary adjustments on our jewelry, with only a few exceptions. We are happy to adjust a necklace or bracelet up to 2" and can even swap out earring earwires for different ones. Jewelry is meant to be personal and we do our best to make that easy.

  • Once you have made your first purchase, you gain access to our private Facebook group where we ask for your input, provide early access to new releases, and are able to connect with you more one-on-one. We also have a birthday gift for all those in the group!

  • We get to know many of our clients on a personal level. We know that they graduated with their PhD at the age of 60, what drinks they shared with their girlfriends over dinner, the names of their children, their upcoming medical treatments and what kind of jewelry is truly their style. It is what brings us the greatest amount of joy and makes doing what we do so worthwhile.

  • We create custom jewelry for all of your life's moment. Beyond the collections you see in our online shop, we have had the absolute pleasure of working with many of our clients to create one-of-a-kind treasures. You can learn more about our custom jewelry by clicking here.

  • Life happens and sometimes your jewelry needs repair. Or sometimes we make a human error and need to make it right. When you email us at hello@carolily.com, you are always speaking to either Donna or Danielle. Not some robot. Not someone who doesn't care. You are speaking with one of the owners!

There are countless little moments that didn't make it onto our list that make you a part of our family. We invite you to reach out anytime you need something and allow us to show you just how much we care.

Read more about our jewelry by clicking here!