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The Carolily Team

Donna and Danielle Scheven are the mother daughter team behind the Carolily brand. Originating from the Lower Mainland, they currently reside in Kelowna and West Kelowna. Danielle’s grandmother, Carol, and great-grandmother, Lily, are the inspiration behind the brand’s name and devotion to timeless, quality product.

Donna Scheven

Donna is our CEO and Lead Designer. Starting to create at a young age, Donna found that the creative process as a whole was and is guided by her love for nature, beauty and her heritage. Over the years, Donna has progressed as a visual artist, honing her craft and sharing her portfolio and doing commissions with a growing audience. Carolily was a natural evolution of her experiences as an artist and entrepreneur. Designing classic jewelry that fondly glances at the past and nods to the future is what Donna finds most satisfying.



Danielle Scheven

Danielle is the President and Marketing Director of Carolily Finery. Danielle believes that every woman should know her own beauty and self worth. It’s this belief that helped her see how Carolily Finery could have a positive impact on women...the possibilities were endless. Whether it’s inspiring young women to follow their passions, helping a client find a necklace that makes her feel good about herself, or supporting female entrepreneurs. Danielle’s zest for life is overshadowed only by her desire to empower women through Carolily Finery.



Liz Krieg, of Elizabeth Holly Photography

Liz has lived most of her life with a camera in her hand. From starting with disposables as a child, to travel photos with a point and shoot camera, her love for photography has continued to grow over the years. In 2014, with her first DSLR camera, that hobby turned into a passionate business. Moving to Kelowna, she found her niche in capturing authentic portraits. She started working with Carolily in 2017 and immediately connected with the enthusiasm and drive that both Donna and Danielle have for their business, jewelry, and female empowerment.




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