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Find Your Style… 5 Fashion Looks

Find Your Style… 5 Fashion Looks

The times, they are a-changing.

There are so many reasons to change up your fashion choices these days. Perhaps you have outgrown the college girl casual look or are looking for something different from the up-scale ladies-who-lunch designer look. Maybe you’ve started a regular walking routine or need some uplifting clothes as you work from home.

This year has given women time to ponder who they are and the image they want to give to the world. Some women stick with one look while others, myself included, change up style choices depending on their mood and plans for the day.

Where ever you are on the fashion spectrum I hope these style choices give you some fresh ideas.

So, let’s get started with the first style…

My 5 Fashion Looks

Look #1- Bohemian Look

If you love shopping at vintage and thrift stores you may be styling with a Bohemian flare. My photo with the fringe jacket shows a put-together 1970’s vibe. I love to wear this style as it gives me a care-free feeling as I remember seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses back in those days. You’ll find women putting together long shirts and dresses with flip flops or boots. Nothing needs to match and Boho felt hats or straw ones pull the look together. There is also lots of jewelry. I’m wearing the “Bea” Medallion Necklace along with the “Summer” Necklace that are beautifully crafted and have that touch of turquoise coloured beads which are also popular for the Boho look. Match them with ponchos, blanket scarves and you also have the Boho Santa Fe feel. If you want to have a relaxed style with no high heels or strict fashion guidelines this carefree style is for you.

Look #2- Sporty Look

These days many of us are spending more time being idle. Since sitting is the new smoking, many of us are donning our sporty looks, venturing outside and getting in our 10,000 steps.

A sporty look needs to be practical if you’re going to be exercising and breaking a sweat. Wick-away materials or 100% cotton are great choices for the sleeveless tops or T-shirts. A stretchy skort is a great look for walking, tennis, golf or other sports. They also come in a great variety of colours these days. If skorts are too short and not your preference there are casual Bermuda shorts that also available in a vast array of colours and even available in stretchy denim. If you prefer, a pair of yoga pants or capris is a great alternate choice. For me, I like a yoga pant with a little flair at the bottom to cover my size 10 shoes. Speaking of shoes don’t forget a comfortable fitted athletic shoe with arch support. If you just want a sporty look, a boat shoe or sneaker in white makes for a casual look and don’t forget to wear the hide-away socks. A cap to cover your head for when it rains or when the sun is hot is also a good addition. For the colder days a sports style jacket with lots of pockets and a bright ski jacket for the winter completes my ideas for the sporty gal. I’m wearing my new Bahama style shorts with a basic white cotton T-shirt in the photo to give you an example of this look.

Look #3- Fashionista

For this style I’m not talking about women who need to wear a new gown for every event or those who have a stash of high-end designer purses and shoes. I’m also not talking about breaking the bank with every fashion trend or having a disposable wardrobe for each season. What I’m talking about is picking up on a trending style, colour or pattern and just adding a piece or two to your wardrobe.

Let’s take animal prints for example. You could just purchase a beautiful leopard print scarf and wear it with a jacket or a little black dress. Perhaps an animal print skirt or dress is more to your liking. As for other patterns, polka dots are on trend right now and a cute blouse or dress would be a great addition to any woman’s wardrobe. As for colour, we’re seeing a lot of shocking or hot pink and even neon colours. I just bought a fun blouse in pink and wearing it seems to revive an otherwise dull day. There are many other trends that are fashionable right now including sling-back shoes, straw hats, straw purses and even jumpsuits are making a comeback. You’ll see a photo here of me in my new black jumpsuit. It’s great for summer but I’ll also add a jacket for the cooler months. Notice the fun straw hat and the Brooke Necklace, made with mother of pearl, that completes the look.

Look #4- Elegant/Classic

Whether you embrace this style or not, there are some days when you have a luncheon, business meeting or get-together where you want to look a little more tres-elegant. The great thing about this look is that most of us can create it right now from our closet. All you need are crisp white pieces along with basic black ones and you’re on your way. The classic white and black outfit is also trending right now. I’m always encouraging women not to wear too much black so white with royal blue (also trending) or any jewel tone will liven up the look. Nautical looks, Parisian styles and any pairing with a camel colour (especially in a coat) gives that little touch of elegance. Even if you splurge on a camel colour coat it’s a classic style that is a great addition to any wardrobe. Jewelry, shoes, stockings, pencil skirts, fitted blazers and a classic handbag are some of my favourite pieces for this look. Here I am in a classic style look with a soft cream colour top, black blazer, pencil skirt, black pumps and Josian Long Necklace.

Look #5- Retro

Everything old seems to be new again! The 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s are trending these days. Retro mod-style patterns in multi colours in dresses are very popular, as are the hippie designs of fringe jackets and floppy hats. Moto jackets, bell bottom blue jeans, white sneakers and even Converse shoes are all making a comeback. As for the 1950’s, hair bands are getting popular again as many women are hiding their grey hair growth with limited access to hair salons during the pandemic. This has spurred a look similar to what I am showing with a cute headband, cotton dress, white shrug and the trending sling-back shoes. Add some European pearls and crystals in the Heather Necklace, earrings and bracelet, plus a bright red lipstick and you have a fun 50’s vibe going on.

In Conclusion

I hope this blog helps you find a new style to add to your fashion looks. The best part of this is that most of the pieces you can find by shopping your closet. You might need to add a hairband, animal print, new piece of jewelry or a trendy straw hat, but that’s what makes it fun! I encourage you to add more bright colours, maybe even polka dots, neon or mod designs. If you’ve been in a fashion rut this is your time to add a little something-something to change things up!

Have fun and enjoy!

About The Author

Heather is the face of Awesome Over 50, a brand that encourages women to embrace their age! Heather creates content around makeup, beauty, fashion, skin care and confidence for women over 50. As a former model, these are area that Heather is an expert in! Follow Heather on Instagram, YouTube or check out her website at

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