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Why host a Carolily Social?

What better way to spend an afternoon or evening with your girlfriends than with bubbly and jewelry?! We will bring a selection of our jewelry for you and your closest gals to try on in the comfort of your own home. You can even earn free products and discounts just for hosting! The more your friends spend, the more you earn. And since it wouldn’t be a party without bubbly, we’ll even bring a bottle to celebrate! All you have to do is invite at least four friends to your home, supply light refreshments (such as coffee and tea), and we’ll do the rest!

Hostess rewards:

Simply by hosting a fabulous Social, you will have the opportunity to earn free products and receive 50% off up to four items. The amount you receive is dependent on the total sales (pre tax) generated from your hosted Social, excluding your own purchases. Please see the below chart for details.

Rewards of Hosting a Carolily Social:

Total Sales from Social

(excluding hostess purchases)

Free Accessory Value

Receive 50% off of ...


$250 - $500

4 items

$500 - $999

$100 - $200

3 items

$300 - $499

$45 - $75

2 items

Please note:

  • Must have at least $300 in sales and 4 individual orders to qualify for Carolily Rewards
  • If friends cannot make it on the night of the Social,  they can shop your event online. You will still be eligible for Carolily Rewards if sales are made on line.
  • All jewelry at the Social is for show purposes only. All jewelry is made to order and will be shipped to customer’s home.

Booking Rewards:

For every Social booked as a result of your event, you will earn an additional $25.00 in Carolily Rewards. Please note that this must be used within 60 days of your hosted Social.

How to Book:

Interested in hosting a Carolily Social of your own? Email us at to get started! Please note that Socials are available in select cities and are weather permitting.

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