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How To Dress Your Age Over 50

How To Dress Your Age Over 50

We loved writing our other article "How To Act Your Age (For Women Over 50)" so much that we thought we ought to tackle how to dress your age when you are over 50. After all, society has plenty of ideas as to what we should be wearing! 

As we watch the clock tick from our 49th to 50th year, something in the fashion industry changes. Have you felt the shift? It's suddenly harder to find anything we really love. Why does everything resemble a potato sack? How come I can't find pants that fit? We are practically put out to pasture when it comes to the world of fashion!

That is why it is so important to find our individual sense of style, one that isn't dependent on trends or what society thinks is "proper" for us to wear. A sense of style all our own that we absolutely ROCK! 

Important Tips On How To Dress Your Age

Similar to our last article, these tips are merely suggestions. There are no rules at Carolily; we hope you know that by now! Consider these points if you wish to or throw them to the wind, whatever tickles your fancy. Remember, one of the best ways of acting your age is to do whatever you damn well please!

Without further adieu, enjoy our top 6 tips on how to dress your age when you're over 50!

  1. Detach Yourself From The Number

    For those of you who read "How To Act Your Age", this first point is going to sound suspiciously similar to us telling you to forget your age. Well, that's because we are still telling you to forget your age, we just gave it a shiny new name!
    How exhausting it is to constantly focus on your chronological age. To attach meaning to something as trivial as a number! Numbers do not carry any power here. You are whatever age you feel like.
  2. Detach Yourself From Your Body

    One of our most favorite books by Michael Singer, "The Untethered Soul", taught us that we are not our body, mind, feelings or the events that happen to us. We are more. Whether you want to call it your consciousness, your soul, your spirit, your innermost being or your truest self, that is who YOU are. 
    It can be easy to focus on what our physical body looks like or, for most of us, what our bodies used to look like. We reminisce about when our arms didn't jiggle or before we could almost tuck our boobs into our belt. But, our bodies change, they evolve. And if we attach our self worth to something that, by its very nature, changes constantly, it's going to be a long, tiresome road. When we detach ourselves from our bodies and view them with neutrality, as this wonderful vessel that we have the pleasure of existing in, then we stop viewing clothes as something to cover up or shrink our bodies. Dressing ourselves becomes fun again and we think of all the beautiful bits we can adorn ourselves with!
  3. Try New Outfits

    When we find something we like, we tend to wear it over and over...and over...again. Typically because the piece of clothing makes us feel good, we find it flattering or it is within our comfort zone. But, what would happen if we were to try something entirely new, totally out of our comfort zone and we liked it BETTER than our old faithful? Wouldn't that be fantastic?!
    With the rise in online shops (like ours!) it's easier now, more than ever, to find new styles of clothing that truly set your soul on fire. The kind of outfit that when you walk out of the house, you hold your head up just a little bit higher and practically dare the neighbors to try and resist noticing you! It wouldn't be the outfit they notice though, it would be the confidence and happiness radiating out of you like a beam of light. THOSE are the kind of outfits we like!
  4. Remember Apparel Is Ageless

    No matter your age, you have the right to wear whatever you feel good in. Clothing is just clothing. It can't be "too young" or "too old" for you if you feel your best wearing it. We love shopping in boutiques catered to women our age that have a wide variety of clothing options! Stores like that understand that our style of clothing can change as quickly as our mind some days and we don't like to be tied to any one particular look.
    Clothing is also genderless. You'll often catch us wearing trousers or vests from the men's section because we like the fit of them better! As we get older, we also stop caring what someone might think! "Look at those ladies wearing MEN'S trousers", said no on ever. When you feel confident in who you are, you wear the clothing, the clothing doesn't wear you.
  5. Experiment with Jewelry

    Just like clothing, we all tend to stay in our lane when it comes to jewelry. We think that we couldn't possibly pull off those earrings or wonder what people will think of the statement necklace we're wearing. At the end of the day, do we truly care? Is the idea that someone may not have the same taste in jewelry as us really going to be the reason we don't try something new? Of course not! Because we are amazing!
    This month, we may enjoy layering bracelets and come next month, we decide we only want to wear big, fabulous earrings. Jewelry is meant to be fun and our tastes are ever changing, so why resign ourselves to only one style? Just like at our favorite gelato bar, we want to sample EVERYTHING!
  6. Find Stores That "Get" You

    We have our most favorite shops and you know what they all have in common? They are owned by women our age! The selection of clothing is always fabulous, the fabrics are to die for and the customer service is outstanding. These stores, these business owners, get us and what it's like to be a woman over 50!
    While big box stores or online shops owned by a younger generation can try to understand us, it's really hard unless you've walked a mile in our incredibly comfortable shoes. We love seeing clothing modeled by woman who look like us. Women who we'd want to sit down and have a glass of bubbly with. When we feel seen, heard and understood, we're loyal to that store until the end of our time!

What's In A Number, Anyway?

So many of our articles have one thing in common and that's eliminating the idea that our age is a limiting factor.

Our age, experience and (occasional) wisdom are what set us apart from our younger selves. When we honestly look back on our earlier days, we're more than happy to give up perkier boobs for what we know now. We are stronger, bolder, more resilient. We are dynamic, ever changing and a force to be reckoned with. The clothing we wear, the jewelry we adorn ourselves with, is just the cherry on top! The way we express and share our individuality with the world. An extension of our good mood. 

Once you're over 50, you finally begin to understand that you can wear whatever you want. Wear that fabulous hat sitting in the back of your closet. Shimmy into those brightly coloured pants. Layer on all of our favorite necklaces. The best part? No one can stop you!

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Carolily Finery

Wow, Debra! Thank you SO much for sharing this with us. We can’t tell you how much it means to us to hear our jewelry brightens your day!

Debra Ernst

I loved reading your article. I’m 68 and feel more like 40 something, most of the time. I also gained a lot of healthy perspective when I read “The Untethered Soul” Age is just a number. It’s how we feel inside that defines us, your jewelry makes me feel young and vibrant, makes me smile when I wear it! Thanks!

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