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December 15, 2020 3 min read

How To Style A Statement Necklace

The thing we love most about jewelry and statement necklaces, in particular, are that they are an extension of your personality. They are a beautifully expressive way to stand out in a world that so often encourages conformity. Life is too short to be anything but yourself!

We believe that there is no wrong way to wear a statement necklace. While there are articles out there who will tell you not to wear a statement necklace with a certain print or neckline, we disagree. If an outfit brings you joy, rock it!

Our Ten Favorite Ways To Style A Statement Necklace

If statement necklaces are new to you, this article is a great starting point! The following are our ten favorite ways to style a statement necklace. We would love to hear which one resonates with you and which ones you're going to try out next time you get dressed!

  1. Pair with a monochromatic outfit

    We love a black on black ensemble as much as the next person, but do you know what truly takes it to the next level? A statement necklace, of course! Silver or gold statement necklaces look superb as the finishing touch to an all black outfit. 

    Try our Lavinia Statement Necklace, as pictured here.

    How to style a statement necklace- black on black outfit with the Lavinia Statement Necklace
  2. Pair with a blazer

    Some statement necklaces need to take center stage! We love pairing necklaces like that with an upscale blazer to truly let the jewelry shine and give the outfit a feeling of sophistication!

    Our Sophronia Statement Necklace is our go-to necklace when we want to turn heads. Shop Sophronia HERE.

    How to style a statement necklace | Sophronia Necklace | Carolily Finery
  3. With a white blouse

    A crisp white button up blouse is the perfect accompaniment to a statement necklace. Not only is it a classic look, but the open collar allows the necklace to show without feeling like it is taking center stage. We love pairing button ups with a silver and crystal necklace, such as the Olecia Statement Necklace, or something bright and colorful! 

    Shop the Olecia Statement Necklace HERE.

    How to style a statement necklace | Olecia Necklace | Carolily Finery
  4. With any collared shirt

    Why stop at a white button up? Any collared shirt looks chic when paired with a statement necklace. While our wardrobe often consists of greys, blues, blacks and whites, any colour of collared shirt would pair nicely!

    Shop the Olecia Statement Necklace HERE.

    How to style a statement necklace | Olecia Necklace | Carolily Finery
  5. With a floral blouse

    We mentioned at the start of this article that there are some who think statement necklaces are not meant to be paired with a bold print, like the floral seen in this beautiful blouse. We disagree! We love how the white pearls pop out from the neckline and bring the focus up to your face!

    Try our Carol Statement Necklace, found HERE.

    How to style a statement necklace Carolily Finery
  6. With a grey turtleneck 

    A third of our wardrobe is made up of different shades of grey, so it will come as no surprise that pairing a statement necklace with a grey turtleneck makes the list! A light heather grey pairs perfectly with silver statement necklaces, especially when it contains gemstones or platinum colored pearls! 

    Shop our Elisa Statement Necklace HERE, and our Annabelle Statement Necklace HERE.

    How to style a statement necklace | Annabelle Statement Necklace
  7. With a white t-shirt and funky jacket

    A classic white t-shirt will always provide the perfect canvas to showcase a statement necklace. But, when paired with a funky jacket, we take that look to a whole new level! We love mixing textures, both in terms of our clothing and the materials in our jewelry. 

    Pair your favorite tweed jacket with a texturally pleasing statement necklace like our Adelia Gold, found HERE.

    How to style a statement necklace | Adelia Gold Necklace | Carolily Finery
  8. With a t-shirt and cardigan

    Take your favorite white t-shirt and pair it with a beautiful cardigan and statement necklace for an entirely different look!

    Our Alexandra Statement Necklace, found HERE, is the perfect piece to pair with a lower cut t-shirt as it brings a glow to your décolleté and face!

    How to style a statement necklace | Alexandra Necklace | Carolily Finery
  9. With a floral jumpsuit

    Welcome back to the list, floral prints! We love jumpsuits and we especially love a bold floral print jumpsuit when paired with a subtler, statement necklace. The silver and neutral tones of the statement necklace pick up the neutrals in the jumpsuit, making it an natural pairing. 

    Take a peek at our Ashley Necklace, found HERE.

    How to style a statement necklace | Carolily Finery
  10. With your favorite v-neck dress

    We think any v-neck dress pairs flawlessly with a statement necklace. There is something to effortlessly sexy about a plunging neckline and pearls. The lustrous shine of European crystal pearls is oh so sensual and when paired with the dress you feel sexiest in? The perfect match!

    Take a peek at our Becca Necklace, found HERE.

    How to style a statement necklace | Carolily Finery

Need Help Styling A Statement Necklace?

If you aren't sure how to incorporate these styling suggestions with your current wardrobe, please email us at and we would be happy to help! We can set up a virtual styling appointment where we help you decide how to style a statement necklace using the clothes you already have in your closet.

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