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Complimentary shipping on all orders over $200

Simple Luxuries - Carolily's Newest Collection

Simple Luxuries - Carolily's Newest Jewelry Collection

Hello, Beautiful! Danielle here! We are thrilled to unveil our newest jewelry collection, Simple Luxuries, and cannot wait to hear what you think of the new pieces. I wanted to take a moment to share the inspiration Mom (aka Donna, aka my business partner, aka our sole design visionary) had for these pieces. 

One of the many beautiful things about choosing artisan crafted jewelry is that there is a story behind each of these pieces. A deliberate, intentional, thoughtful design process that takes weeks, sometimes months, to come together in perfect harmony.

We hope that our new collection delights your senses, inspires you to style your jewelry in new ways, and makes the idea of "everyday elegance" oh so effortless.

Simplicity is Key

Mom's inspiration for our new collection started with a desire to create pieces that you could feel truly luxurious wearing, without any fancy styling or overthinking. Simplicity was key in these designs.

And isn't there something so beautiful about simplicity? Think for a moment of your favourite outfit. Let an image conjure in your mind. What is it that you're wearing? How do you feel in it? Did the outfit take a lot of time to style? Do you find yourself fussing with it or adjusting how it sits on your body? If you're like me, your favourite outfit is comfortable, easy to wear, makes you feel incredible and doesn't take much thought to put together. Like your favourite outfit, these pieces of jewelry will feel effortless to wear. When time is of the essence, you can simply slide one of the long necklaces on and be out the door. Wiggle on a stretch bracelet and maybe a pair of no fuss leverback earrings and now we're really talking. In the mood for something more? Layer on two, three or even four (yes, four!) of these pearl beauties for a look that makes you feel so incredibly opulent you must immediately pour yourself some bubbly!

While different stylings can vary in degrees of impact, none of these pieces of jewelry are difficult to put on or style. They are meant to be simplistic in their execution so you feel nothing other than confident, stylish and beautiful when you wear them. They are luxurious in the way they let your beauty shine!

Simple Luxuries for All Generations

Mom's other consideration was sharing the Carolily love. As you know, the majority of our Carolily family is comprised of women 50 and older, and we want you to be able to share these pieces with your daughters and granddaughters. Everyone deserves to feel special and these pieces are designed with high quality materials that will last a lifetime. As always, they are backed by our Lifetime Warranty, so you can feel good about gifting our jewelry to someone special. 

The materials chosen also took into considerations that multiple age groups could (and should!) be wearing this collection. Sterling silver, hypoallergenic stainless steel, pewter accents, and our beloved European crystal pearls were all chosen for their beauty and longevity. While it's always important to take care of your jewelry, you don't need to be overly precious with these pieces. They are meant to be loved, worn and enjoyed for many, many years. 

Luxury Your Way

While every jewelry collection stems from some wonderful idea Mom has, the true beauty is ultimately how you enjoy them.

We love hearing the emotions your Carolily pieces evoke in you. It makes our heart swell to hear you feel beautiful, confident, special, elegant and sophisticated.

We love seeing the ways you style your jewelry! So many of you send us gorgeous selfies or photos of you and your partner that offer us a glimpse into your world and the way our designs get worn. That's what really brings a piece of jewelry to life...being enjoyed by you!

We hope that our Simple Luxuries Collection helps bring a little effortless elegance to your day. That these pieces make you smile every time you wear them. And that you find yourself experimenting with new ways to style them. 

These pieces were designed with you in mind. And we cannot wait to see which you choose to enjoy first!

You can now shop the collection by clicking here.

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Lisa Campbell

From the translucent stones to the depth of the blues, I’m without words. The contrast and yet, still softness in beauty. While being a woman of many faces.
Lisa 🧚

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