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Complimentary shipping on all orders over $200

Complimentary shipping on all orders over $200

What Sets Carolily Jewelry Apart?

What Sets Carolily Jewelry Apart?

Not all jewelry companies are created equal.

At Carolily, our designs are as unique as our clientele and business practices. We invite you to read about some of the things we think you'll love about us. 

Woman Owned & Operated

Founded by mother daughter team, Donna and Danielle Scheven, Carolily's team is comprised completely of women. From our design and production team, to our product photographer and accountant, we believe in empowering women to the very best of our ability.

Handcrafted in British Columbia

Every piece of Carolily jewelry is handcrafted in our design studio located in West Kelowna, British Columbia, with the single exception of our hoop earrings. 

Our team of artisans lovingly make every piece of jewelry to order, taking into account your customization and adjustment requests. Our small batches of jewelry ensure that we can continue to produce our collections in Canada and on an environmentally conscious scale.

Women Over 50

We didn't create Carolily for the young women you see in most of the ads nowadays. Our ladies are almost all over the age of 50, many well into theirs 60s, 70s and 80s! This wasn't by accident. We felt that women our age were noticeably neglected in the market and we decided to rectify that.

You'll see women that look just like you on our website, social media and in our advertising. We love getting to help you celebrate your milestones and are forever inspired by you.

Our ladies drink lemon drops in the garden with their friends, attain their PhD at the age of 60, enjoy their retirement beachside, are in charge of the nation's biggest energy plant, and embrace all that they are. Our creation of Carolily is as much a celebration of each other as it is of jewelry. 

Charitable Initiatives

Every year, we select a charity of choice to work with. A percentage of every order is donated to the charity and we hold special promotions throughout the year where a higher percentage is donated. 

This year, we are working with The First Nations Child and Caring Society. The Caring Society works to ensure the safety and well-being of First Nations youth and their families through education initiatives, public policy campaigns and providing quality resources to support communities.⁠

For a list of past charitable initiatives, please click here.

Customer Service

When you reach out to our team, you're not connected to a bot or someone overseas. In fact, you'll often be speaking with Danielle, one of our founders! Our clients mean the absolute world to us and it's important that you are well taken care of. We are here to answer your questions, share in your excitement about jewelry and build a lasting relationship with you.

Iconic Designs

You won't see jewelry like Carolily anywhere else. Our designs are inspired by our English roots and timeless sense of style. You'll notice our signature blend of classic and contemporary throughout all of our collections. The next time someone asks "Is that a Carolily?" you can proudly respond, "Yes!", knowing there is nothing else quite like it.

High Quality Materials

Aside from the our distinct designs, the quality of materials we use in our handcrafted jewelry truly sets us apart.


We work with a variety of pearls, but our two favourites are freshwater and European crystal pearls. We are one of a handful of Canadian companies who were allowed to continue utilizing European crystal pearls after October 2021.

Freshwater pearls are a naturally occurring pearl, renowned for their luster and organic shape. European crystal pearls are the highest quality manmade pearl available and have a crystal at their center, as opposed to the plastic or glass many others use. They are loved for their high shine, durability and variance in shape and colour.  

For a detailed explanation of the differences between the two pearl types, read our "Buyer's Guide to Pearls".


Gemstones bring a beautiful brilliance to our jewelry and we work with various semi precious gems, including onyx, rose quartz, topaz, and many others. We love the naturally occurring variances within gemstones, making every piece of jewelry slightly different than the last. 

Sterling Silver & Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel

The vast majority of our jewelry utilizes sterling silver and/or hypoallergenic stainless steel chains and accents.

We love hypoallergenic stainless steel because it is tarnish resistant, durable, versatile, low maintenance and ideal for every day wear.

Sterling silver is adored for its luster, ease of cleaning, versatility and ability to be repaired.

For a full overview of the differences between sterling silver and stainless steel, please read our other article, "Stainless Steel Jewelry vs. Sterling Silver".


Experience the Carolily Difference

We welcome you to experience our handcrafted, Canadian made jewelry for yourself. Once you slip your first piece on, you'll understand what all the fuss is about!

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