June 22, 2020 3 min read

Why We Don't Sell Delicate Jewelry Anymore

When we started Carolily almost five years ago, we strictly made Statement jewelry. As the years went on, we experimented with additional offerings. We included Delicate jewelry, a men's line and even launched a separate company called Wendy Sue.

The Wendy Sue line has since been brought under the Carolily umbrella and we phased out our men's line last year. That leaves the Delicate jewelry. If you follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter, you will have seen that we held a sale last week to sell all of our Delicate jewelry off. But, why? If the designs were selling, why are we no longer going to be offering our Delicate line? Let us share our reasons; hopefully they will resonate with you!

Five Reasons We Are Sticking With Statement Jewelry

  1. Our Motto

    For the past few years, our motto has been "Your Statement. Our Necklace.". We believe that jewelry has this incredibly ability to be a vehicle for self expression. The jewelry you wear can express your mood, your creativity, your love of life! As creators, we believe that Statement jewelry is what can truly tell a story. The way gemstones and pearls dance together, the way various chains intertwine, and the way the necklaces sway with your body... it's like moving art!
  2. It's What We Do Best

    We are statement makers. In every sense of the phrase. When we began, we focused on Statement jewelry because it is what we do best! Our Statement jewelry is what took us to New York Fashion Week to see our designs walk the runway. Our Statement jewelry is what has shown up in publications across Canada, on Global TV, and on the body's of beautiful women across North America. We know where our strengths lie and it is within making Statement pieces.
  3. Our Customers

    We have the most wonderfully diverse group of women as customers. They are business owners, activists, mothers, grandmothers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and they all have something important to say. Our customers don't desire jewelry that lets them quietly blend in. Our women desire to be heard, seen and respected. Heads turn when our women walk in the room. Other women, both young and aged, compliment our ladies' sense of style and confidence. Our customers are incredibly sure of themselves, have an appreciation for the finer things in life and wear jewelry that showcases that. Our customers are statement makers, just like us.
  4. Jewelry Should Be Fun

    Nothing is more exciting than putting on your new necklace and figuring out all the outfits you'll be able to pair it with! The best part about jewelry is that there are no rules. You can dress it up, dress it down, whatever tickles your fancy. We create Statement jewelry that is timeless, so you never have to worry about it going out of style. We don't believe in following trends.
  5. It Is What We Wear

    Our company hits close to home. The name itself comes from Donna's mom's name, Carol, and grandmother, Lily. We created Carolily as a way to honor the generations of women in our family and to have a positive impact on the world. For us, Danielle and Donna, wearing Statement jewelry feels as natural as breathing. We love how you can pair our pieces with a basic t-shirt and jeans while out grocery shopping, or a floor length gown while attending a charity gala. Offering Statement jewelry feels true to us as a brand and as individuals. Our collections are comprised of pieces that we personally wear and wholeheartedly love. Anything other than that just doesn't feel right for our company. 

Statement Jewelry Now & Forever

We have loved the ability to experiment with new styles of jewelry and different offerings. At the end of the day, we are a Statement jewelry company and that is what we wish to be known for. Whether you find a piece in our collections or we create a custom necklace for you, we hope our jewelry make your life a little more beautiful!

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