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December 23, 2020 4 min read

How To Style Earrings With A Statement Necklace

True or false, you can wear earrings with a statement necklace? True! 

While there are many who would caution you against wearing the two together, we say throw caution to the wind and wear what you enjoy! We often pair earrings with a statement necklace and while it does take a moment more of consideration, it is quite easy!

Pairing the two is made easier by the fact that we have designed our statement jewelry to compliment various pieces within a collection! We love layering necklaces, wearing earrings with a statement necklace or, dare we say it, wearing a statement necklace, earrings AND a bracelet! The possibilities are endless when you use your imagination and unique sense of style.

Top Five Ways To Pair Earrings with A Statement Necklace

We preface almost every one of our styling articles with a friendly reminder that there is no wrong way to wear statement jewelry. It all comes down to personal preference!

For those looking for a little direction, allow us to share our top five tips on how to style earrings with a statement necklace. But, remember, these are merely suggestions and not rules! 

  1. Choose The Focal Point

    The term "statement necklace" is in fact quite broad and can encompass many different sizes of necklaces. This is good news because it gives you plenty of latitude to work with when it comes to styling!

    If you'd like the necklace to be the statement making factor in your outfit, you can go as large as you like and pick earrings that compliment it! Below, we have paired the Lavinia Statement Necklace with smaller Maisie Earrings.

    A woman wearing a cascading gold necklace and earrings

    Alternatively, if you choose to wear much larger earrings, you may wish to scale back the size of the necklace so it does not overpower your outfit. Below, we have styled our Ottilie Earrings with the Adelia Gold Statement Necklace. The Adelia Necklace is simpler than some of our larger statement necklaces, so she offsets the size of the Ottilie Earrings quite well.

    a closeup of a woman wearing a gold necklace and gold onyx earrings
  2. Choosing Elements That Compliment Each Other

    Your statement necklace and pair of earrings do not necessarily have to match or be a specified set, but we think that they should coordinate! If your statement necklace is comprised of mainly sterling silver and white Swarovski crystal pearls, you may not want to wear gold and gemstone earrings. Instead, you may wish to select a simple drop pearl earring, as we have done below with the Stephanie Statement Necklace and Augusta Earrings.

    a woman wearing a pearl choker and pearl earrings

    Alternatively, you may wish to incorporate the same metal, which is silver, in this case, and bring in a complimentary crystal. The clear, faceted crystal acts does not distract from the necklace and brings a little extra light to your face! Below we have paired the Pauline Statement Necklace with the Adelia Silver Earrings!

    A woman wearing a multi strand pearl necklace and crystal earrings
  3. Consider Your Outfit As A Whole

    In a past article, "How To Style A Statement Necklace", we mentioned that you can most definitely pair bold prints with statement necklaces. What about when you are wearing a statement necklace AND earrings? The answer is still yes, but it takes a little more planning. When we wear dramatic jewelry, we choose our print wisely!

    A busy floral print may be too much, but a bold jacket, as shown below, is perfect because of the open collar. Here we have paired our Ottilie Statement Necklace with our Ottilie Earrings.

    Alternatively, you might try keeping the print to your bottom half and keep your top a solid colour. This will provide you more flexibility with what jewelry pairs best! 

    A woman in a jacket wearing a gold and black onyx necklace and pair of earrings
  4. Give Each Piece Space

    When wearing a statement necklace and earrings, it is always nice to give them each a little breathing room! It is hard to appreciate either if they are sitting on top of one another.

    If you are wearing a shorter statement necklace, especially a choker, opt for earrings that have no more than a 2" drop. This will allow enough space between the two that your outfit doesn't seem overcomplicated. Below, we have paired the Kim Earrings with the Hannah Statement Necklace. The pieces have complimentary colours and since the Kim Earrings are only 2" in length, they pair beautifully together. 

    A woman with short hair wearing a gemstone and pearl necklace, and pearl earrings
  5. Wear What You Love

    The most important tip out of the entire list is this one- wear what you love. If you don't agree with anything that we have said in this article, that is totally fine! The most wonderful thing about jewelry is that it is a way for us to express ourselves. Our sense of style is unique to each of us. While we love to offer our suggestions on how we might style our statement jewelry, we encourage self expression. Our greatest joy comes from seeing our jewelry styled in various ways. 

    a middle aged woman with short hair wearing a black onyx necklace and silver hoop earrings

Jewelry Styling Made Easy

For those who like to have clear-cut guidelines of how to style earrings with a statement necklace, we hope you found this article helpful!

In the event that you would love a little extra assistance, we are happy to offer complimentary styling sessions! Simply email us at and we will arrange a virtual styling appointment at your convenience. We will review your wardrobe, what jewelry you currently have and help you figure out how to work with what is currently in your closet, as well as make suggestions for future pieces!

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