January 08, 2021 4 min read

How To Find Your Jewelry Style

With the wide array of options on the market today, how do you find your jewelry style?

As the great Miuccia Prada once said, "What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language." When you walk out your front door or join a Zoom meeting, what does your jewelry say about you? What do you wish it said?

You've likely noticed our mantra, "Your Statement. Our Necklace.", throughout our website and on social media. It is our desire that our statement jewelry be an extension of your personality, one that helps you share yourself with the world. But, how do you select the jewelry to make just the right statement?

How To Select The Right Jewelry

In short, the right piece of statement jewelry is the one that makes you feel your very best! But, how do you find that jewelry? 

Online shopping can make it seem difficult to find the right piece of jewelry since you can't try it on in person, but we are here to make that process easier. We believe in purchasing quality jewelry that is made to last, compliments your existing wardrobe and showcases your personality perfectly. 

Take a peek at the process we use when we are tying to find our jewelry style. When in doubt, you can schedule a complimentary, virtual style appointment with us so that we can ensure you order the perfect statement jewelry! Simply email us at info@carolily.com. 

Let's begin!

  1. Go through your jewelry collection and wardrobe

    Before you select new pieces of jewelry to purchase, it is important to take inventory of what you currently have, both in terms of jewelry and clothing. When we are going through our own closet, we put everything on and ask, "Does this bring me joy?". If the answer is yes, then it stays! And, if the answer is no, it is donated. Life is too short to wear jewelry and clothing that does not bring you joy. Whittle down your collection until you are only left with the best of the best.

  2. Determine what jewelry you are missing

    Now that you have your favorite jewelry and clothing, the next step is determining what pairs well together and what staple pieces you are missing.  As we get older, we often reach for shorter necklaces because it brings a lightness and glow to our face and chest. Statement necklaces that are 16"-20" in length are the perfect length and compliment most necklines. If you find that most of your current statement necklaces are on the longer side, it might be advantageous to incorporate some shorter lengths, as well.

  3. Review your colour palette 

    The colors you gravitate towards typically do not change with age because while our skin may change, the underlying skin tone does not! If you typically reach for warm tones in your clothing, like brown, burnt red, burgundy and forest green, we suggest trying to incorporate gold statement jewelry. If you tend to prefer cool tones, such as black, blue, purple and pink, try wearing silver statement jewelry. You can certainly mix and match your metals or wear statement jewelry that utilizes multiple metals, but this gives you a great starting point! Purchasing jewelry that can be worn with the majority of your wardrobe will afford you numerous outfit options. 

  4. Consider the best version of yourself

    2020 was certainly not a year for those of us who love to dress up and go out, but with the dawn of a new year, comes a renewed appreciation for dressing up for daily life. While one may question what we are dressing up for, we do not need an occasion to look our best! Whether we are working at home or simply popping by the grocery store, we put on statement jewelry and an outfit that truly expresses our personality. When you think of the best version of yourself, your Highest Self, how do they dress? How does that outfit make them feel? Take those feelings and bring them into your everyday dress! As we think and act, so shall we be. 

  5. Think about how jewelry makes you feel

    Which pieces of jewelry make you ready to take on the world? What statement necklace makes you feel sexy? What pair of earrings make you feel playful and whimsical? What is it about those pieces of jewelry that make you feel that way? Once you have identified how your jewelry makes you feel and why, you can begin looking for pieces that evoke similar feelings! We have different necklaces for our ever changing moods and desires. Tuning in to how we feel helps us curate a collection that doesn't just look beautiful, but helps us make a truly impactful statement.

  6. Purchase quality over quantity

    As we mentioned in the beginning, we believe in purchasing statement jewelry that is made to last! Not only does this minimize our environmental footprint and simplify our wardrobe, but it says a lot about how we view ourselves. If we only deem ourselves worthy of cheaper jewelry that falls apart after wearing it three times, how does that make us feel? Instead, if we deem ourselves worthy of beautiful, sustainably made statement jewelry that expresses our personality and makes us feel like a million bucks for years to come, how do we feel now? We sure like the sound of the second option better!

Complimentary Jewelry Styling

If, after going through your current jewelry collection and wardrobe, you would still like assistance in selecting the perfect statement jewelry, let's chat! Email us at info@carolily.com and we can schedule your virtual styling appointment at your convenience. 

We will review what is already in your wardrobe, what you enjoy wearing, how you would like to feel and what statement you are looking to make. From there, we can make recommendations based on our current statement jewelry collections or we can discuss creating a custom piece, if that is something you desire. 

Whatever jewelry you choose to wear, make sure you feel like your best self in it! Your statement, our necklace!

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