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June 28, 2021 4 min read

Why It's Important To Talk About Our Age

During the last few weeks, we have written a number of articles about what it's like to be our age, why it's not just a number, how to act and dress our age, and the tell tale signs of aging (which, we can guarantee, are not what you expect). But, why? Why do we keep talking about it?

When you are not what society considers the "ideal", you have to fight more than a little bit harder to be seen. We, as woman, know this instinctively. But, as women over 50, we feel it even more.

Why We Talk About Our Age

The simplest answer as to why we talk about our age is because we matter. Our age matters. And it deserves to be talked about!

The longer answer is a little more in depth, but we have whittled it down to our top five reasons why we talk about our age.

  1. To Celebrate Ourselves

    We can be our own worst critics, but we can be our biggest cheerleaders if we choose to be! We have accomplished so much and have so much to be grateful for. Regardless of whether our accomplishments are work, personal or family related, we did them all the same!
    It's so important to take time to celebrate and embrace the person we are right now. It's easy to forget that this is our best age ever, but if we make a conscious decision to remember, it starts to become second nature. Like anything else, it just takes a little practice.  
  2. To Lift Up Others

    Not everyone will feel the same way as us and that's ok! We are willing to bet that you have a friend or two in your circle that is able to let loose just a little bit when they're with you. You celebrate yourself and make it a safe place for them to do the same. What a beautiful gift to give others!
    Many of us have been conditioned to behave a certain way, even if it goes against everything inside us that wants to be free. Having someone that loves and embraces everything about their age can make it that much easier for others to do the same. We can normalize being our fabulous, confident selves!
  3. To Change The Narrative

    If we allow ourselves to feel like "little old ladies" who have nothing left to offer those around us, do we really think anything is going to change in the world? Of course not! Things only change when we make the decision to change them. That which we are not changing, we are choosing. And we don't know about you, but we do not choose to live the life that society has set forth for us.
    If more women our age step into their power, embrace their age and feel free to do as they please, it will help us all shift the narrative. Even now, we are seeing more and more articles written about women over 50 in business, loving the "second chapter" and breaking away from the societal norm. We have collectively accomplished that...and we're only getting started.
  4. To Be The Change

    We don't want to wait for someone else to be the change we want to see in the world. We must be that change! The best part is that having a significant impact on the world around us doesn't have to involve any gigantic life changes. It can look like choosing to wear clothing and jewelry we feel absolutely outstanding in, even if it's not what our friends are wearing. Maybe it's dyeing our hair a bright colour because we feel like it, even if someone tell us we're "too old" for that. It can be as simple as kindly pointing out how harmful it is when someone says that a woman "looks good for her age". We can help lift other women up, creating safe spaces for us to all be our truest selves. We can change how we speak to ourselves by not putting limits on what we can accomplish. We have the power to make a lasting change within our communities and the world at large. It just takes a decision to do so!
  5. To Make The Most Of Our Lives

    Life is so much more fun when we actively engage with it! We know full well that our time here will come to an end one day, but that's what gives life meaning. If we lived forever, we wouldn't appreciate anything!
    No matter what happened yesterday, we get to start again today fresh. Yesterday could mean the day before today, last month, or last year. Whatever happened prior to today is behind us and we now have the opportunity to make the most of today! When we focus on the present day, every day, our life seems to slow down, allowing us to soak up every precious experience. Life is only just getting started!

Our Age Is Worthy Of Discussion

Our age is worthy of discussion. We are worthy of discussion. We may live in a world where much of society thinks our value and worth dries up once we hit 50, but we know that's not true.

Even so, it's important to continually remind ourselves and those around us! We are multi-faceted, powerful, loving individuals. We have so much to offer ourselves and those around us. 

If you ever feel like you shouldn't be talking about why this is your best age ever, come back to this article as a reminder why it's so important for us to talk about our age. Until the day that all women over 50 are seen as just as valuable to society as our younger counterparts, we will keep talking about it. Because we matter. Period.

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